dbForge Studio for Oracle Testimonials

I see where this is going. I am specifically an Oracle / Delphi developer. I use PLSQL Developer and ER Studio. Loading 200 tables the diagrammer chocked. Did not have a real chance to test anything in depth at all. Your idea is great and your price point is even better. I purchased Schema Compare (GREAT PRODUCT!!) and Data Compare separately. I will probably take the hit and purchase Studio for the convenience. Just tried to use the diagram tool with a few less tables. It's a diagram tool not a modeling tool. Great diagram tool. As this product matures it has the potential to be one of the best best tools for database development out there. You have my vote. Please keep it going.

Keith Russell, Owner, Metropolis Software Solutions

Nice product and will upgrade from Dev Studio. I did encounter some 'restarts' but did not have time to analyse the causes.
A good upgrade from DevStudio (which also had some problems as well) with better lay-out and far superior speed on doing tasks like schema export and import as compared to the previous product - very noticable! As a past user of ODAC and now a proud owner of Unidac I think your components are very good value for money and stable, particularly Unidac/ODAC that have never given me problems thus far.
Tech support has also been very good when I've needed it.
Certainly Devart products are one, if not the best, components I have used. Just think that you need printable manuals.
Otherwise, glad I came across your VCL components all those years ago and looking forward to using DB Forge more extensively in future. Long may you prosper :-).

Antony Masefield

This one fully meets my requirements towards database development.
An excellent solution! Principally revised and improved as compared to OraDeveloper Studio. I am now happy with absolutely everything and moving to this product from Oracle SQL Developer.
Thank you!

Boris Chernysh, System Administrator, PROFI Instrument

The product features an excellent functionality.
The one thing it actually lacks is an option to export selected strings as an insert/update script in the Export from Grid mode.

Pavel Vinogradov, Leading Developer, ISD Ltd.