dbForge Unit Test Features

T-SQL for Implementing Tests

The tool is based on the open-source tSQLt framework allowing to use T-SQL for implementing unit tests. Now, you can write your code and executing unit tests in the same IDE. The framework also comes with SQL tables, views, procedures and functions to quickly implement unit tests against your database.

tSQLt framework support
Database integrity mainenance

No Affect on Actual Database

dbForge Unit Test uses transactions to run test cases and rollback any changes to a database when the test case completes. This means you do not have to worry about the need of cleaning up your database after running unit tests.

In-isolation Testing

The tool creates stored procedure spies, fakes database objects (tables, views, triggers, constraints, etc.), and groups them within a separate schema unit. This allows to isolate the code being tested and avoid undesirable updates, inserts, and deletions inside a database.

Run unit tests in isolation
Run multiple tests in less time

Run Multiple Tests in Less Time

dbForge Unit Test allows to quickly run multiple tests with just a few clicks and get instant results. You can simultaneously run all unit tests at once or select any combination of tests for a unit test session.

Built-in unit testing examples

The tool comes with a number of build-in unit test examples you can run against a database. This will help you to get started with unit testing before actually writing your own unit tests in your development environment.

Build-in unit testing examples