dotConnect Universal History

This page lists the functionality added in each version of dotConnect Universal. To view the full changelog including bug fixes, consult the dotConnect Universal revision history.

New features in dotConnect Universal 4.0

The current build is 4.0.0 from 30-Jun-2022

  • Windows 11 is supported.
  • Visual Studio 2022 version 17.2 is supported.
  • Visual Studio 2022 version 17.3 Preview is supported.

New features in dotConnect Universal 3.80

  • Visual Studio 2019 is supported
  • Visual Studio 2019 version 16.11 Preview 2.0 is supported
  • PostgreSQL 13 is supported
  • Deprecated design-time Synchronous API calls are no longer used with Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2017
  • The integration with Visual Studio 2019 is improved: now the installation detects both 2019 Release and 2019 Preview versions
  • The SendCallStack property is added to the Devart.Common.DbMonitor class for possibility to turn off resource-demanding logging of CallStack
  • The Filter property is added to the Devart.Common.DbMonitor class for possibility to choose events being logged
  • The Devart.Common.DbMonitor class is improved: now values of the DateTime parameters sent to the dbMonitor tool are supplemented with milliseconds
  • The new command line option /disablegac that disables adding assemblies to GAC is added

New features in dotConnect Universal 3.70

  • Visual Studio 2019 Release Candidate 4 is supported
  • Visual Studio 2017 is supported
  • The type of the Offset and Length properties of the ScriptProgressEventArgs class is changed from Int32 to Int64
  • SSH connections are supported (PostgreSQL)
  • PostgreSQL 11 is supported

New features in dotConnect Universal 3.60

  • Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate 4 is supported
  • Visual Studio 2015 is supported
  • The support for Microsoft Access 2013 database is added
  • The 'Do not install assemblies in the GAC' check box that allows disabling placing the provider assemblies to the GAC is added to the Install Wizard
  • The behaviour is changed: the Devart.Data.MySql.MySqlException class from Devart.Data.Universal.MySql.dll is public now

New features in dotConnect Universal 3.50

  • Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate is supported
  • Visual Studio 2013 is supported
  • The DateTime2 member is added to the UniDbType enumeration
  • The Enterprise Library 6 support is added; all previous versions of Enterprise Library are no longer maintained
  • The enableExpiredSessionAutoDeletion and expiredSessionAutoDeletionInterval options for deleting expired sessions are added to the session-state store provider definition in the web.config file
  • The performance of the GetSchemaTable method of UniDataReader class for SQLite is improved
  • The behaviour is changed: installation with the /VERYSILENT install parameter will uninstall the other version of the provider without any dialog box if it is installed
  • The behaviour is changed: now several versions of the sqlite3.dll library (x86 and x64) are available with the installation package
  • The behaviour is changed: the UniMonitor now hides information about the password connection string parameter
  • The behaviour is changed: the GetSchemaTable method of UniDataReader returns information on whether a column is unique for SQLite only when the command was performed with CommandBehavior.KeyInfo

06-September-12 New features in dotConnect Universal 3.40

  • Visual Studio 2013 Release Candidate is supported
  • Visual Studio 2012 is supported
  • The Validate Connection parameter of the connection string for the Devart providers is implemented
  • Oracle 12c is supported

15-Mar-12 New features in dotConnect Universal 3.30

  • Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate is supported
  • The handling of empty options in the connection string is improved
  • The behaviour is changed: the 'sender' parameter in MonitorEventHandler is a connection and the MonitorEventArgs.ExtraInfo property is filled with the connection string
  • The behaviour is changed: the access modifier of the connectionString field of web provider classes is changed from private to protected

21-May-10 New features in dotConnect Universal 3.20

  • Supported Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1
  • Implemented integration with Visual Web Developer 2008 and 2010 Express editions
  • DbTransactionBase class is added
  • TransactionStateChanging and TransactionStateChanged events are added to the DbConnectionBase class
  • The UniDbType.TimeStampTZ parameter type is implemented
  • Added overloads for methods of DbDataReaderBase class with column name parameter
  • Supported password salt in ASP.NET membership provider
  • Improved Upgrade wizard
  • Implemented capability of extending base functionality of ASP.NET providers
  • Added support for Enterprise Library 5
  • Implemented host option for current process in dbMonitor
  • Added possibility for tracing the distributed transactions in DBMonitor
  • Added BeginTransaction value to the MonitorEventType enum
  • Implemented the DbMonitor.EventQueueLimit property which allows to set the maximal allowed number of messages waiting for being processed by the dbMonitor application
  • The support of events which occur when connections are taken and returned to pool for processing UniMonitor.TraceEvent is added
  • The "Use schema name" check box is added to DataSet Wizard
  • Changed behaviour: setting the DbDataTable.Connection property sets the InsertCommand.Connection, UpdateCommand.Connection, and DeleteCommand.Connection properties
  • Changed behaviour: when clearing the pool, the number of connections specified in 'Min Pool Size' is never removed
  • Changed the primary key of the aspnet_sessions table for ASP.NET Web providers (the ApplicationName column added)
  • Changed behaviour: Devart.Data.Oracle.OracleException is public now

15-Apr-10 New features in dotConnect Universal 3.10

  • Supported Visual Studio 2010
  • Install Wizard improved (ability to automatically uninstall previous version added)
  • Added possibility to avoid connecting to dbMonitor.exe when using DbMonitor ancestors

20-Nov-09 New features in dotConnect Universal 3.00

  • New dotConnect providers supported
  • New bundled providers with advanced connectivity options, such as http tunneling, ssl and so on added
  • SQLite provider added
  • Support for Visual Studio 2008 added
  • Support for Visual Studio 2010 Beta added
  • Server Explorer integration enhanced
  • Mobile versions no longer need dotConnect providers installed

05-Dec-07 New features in UniDirect .NET 2.10

  • New assemblies for bundled providers

12-Dec-06 New features in UniDirect .NET 2.05

  • Windows Vista support added

22-Nov-06 New features in UniDirect .NET 2.00

  • .NET Framework 2.0 support added
  • Visual Studio 2005 support added
  • Added Professional edition with bundled data providers for Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Support for .NET Compact Framework added
  • ASP.NET 2.0 providers added: Membership Provider, Profile Provider, Role Provider, Session State Provider
  • Implemented advanced integration with Visual Studio 2005, including Server Explorer, Data Source wizard, TableAdapter configuration
  • Dataset Wizard added
  • Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block support added
  • The Base-Class-Based provider model used

Provider-specific types infrastructure

  • UniDbType enumeration added
  • UniBlob class added
  • UniCursor class added
  • UniDecimal class added

UniSQL (server-independent query language) features

  • Conditional macro expressions as UniMacros class
  • Universal support for literals and identifiers
  • Universal quoting
  • Conditional inclusion of SQL clauses
  • Function mapping
  • Unified OUTER JOIN syntax

Other features

  • Borland Delphi 2006 support added
  • Connection pooling functionality added
  • Metadata schemas support added
  • Bug with invalid parameter index fixed

18-May-05 New features in UniDirect .NET 1.06

  • Support for Borland Delphi 2005 added
  • Publisher policy file added for versions compatibility

02-Jul-04 New features in UniDirect .NET 1.03

  • Documentation updated

28-Apr-04 New features in UniDirect .NET 1.01

  • Support for MS Access added

06-Feb-04 First release of UniDirect .NET