.NET Connector for Zoho Desk

dotConnect for Zoho Desk is an ADO.NET provider for working with Zoho Desk data through the standard ADO.NET or Entity Framework interfaces. It allows you to easily incorporate Zoho Desk data into your .NET applications, and integrate Zoho Desk services with widely used data-oriented technologies.

dotConnect for Zoho Desk has the same standard ADO.NET classes as other standard ADO.NET providers: ZohoConnection, ZohoCommand, ZohoDataAdapter, ZohoDataReader, ZohoParameter, etc. This allows you to quickly get started and eliminates the need to learn any specific details of accessing Zoho Desk data.

  • Direct access to the Zoho Desk data
  • High performance
  • Comprehensive security features
  • Broad compatibility with .NET platforms
  • Visual Studio integration

Connect Zoho Desk Data With .NET Application Easily

dotConnect for Zoho Desk simplifies the creation of .NET applications in C#, VB, and other languages by providing seamless integration with Zoho Desk data. Its standard ADO.NET interface is easy to master, while powerful design-time editors and Visual Studio integration streamline development efforts and reduce code writing. See how easy it is with dotConnect for Zoho Desk.

Connect to Zoho Desk from Server Explorer

To create a Server Explorer connection, you just need to:

  1. Click Connect to Database on the Server Explorer toolbar
  2. Click Change to change the Data Source
  3. Select Zoho Desk Data Source from the list of data sources and click OK
  4. Click Web Login and complete authorization in the browser or provide a connection string in the Connection String field
  5. Click OK to connect to Zoho Desk from Visual Studio

That's it! Now you can work with Zoho Desk data directly in Visual Studio - select data from Zoho Desk entities and edit it.

Bind Zoho Desk data

  • Build your data access layer without writing code manually
  • Configure dotConnect for Zoho Desk components in powerful design-time editors
  • Bind data grids and other controls to Zoho Desk data just by configuring the smart tags
  • Work with Zoho Desk data just like with a database

Use the power of SQL

dotConnect for Zoho Desk allows you to perform SQL queries against your Zoho Desk data. Use SQL statements to work with Zoho Desk accounts, contacts, accounts, activities, tasks, calls, events, and other objects.

Our provider offers full CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) support and allows you to get Zoho Desk data with SELECT statements and manage data with INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

No need to study and use complex Zoho Desk API, just use familiar SQL statements. You may use complex JOINs, WHERE conditions, etc. - all the SQL benefits, not available with Zoho Desk API.





Broad Compatibility

Entity Framework Support

dotConnect for Zoho Desk allows you to access Zoho Desk data via Entity Framework - Microsoft's recommended data access technology. It supports Entity Framework v4, v5, v6, and Entity Framework Core 7.0, and enables you to use the following Entity Framework features with Zoho Desk data:

  • LINQ to Entities (no need for Zoho Desk API)
  • Entity relations with lazy/eager loading
  • No need to post each edited/created object separately - a single SaveChanges() call to persist all the changed objects

dotConnect for Zoho Desk provides enhanced Entity Framework support for Zoho Desk data with a bundled visual designer for ORM models with Visual Studio integration - Entity Developer. Standard Visual Studio Entity Data Model designer is also supported.

How it Works


dotConnect for Zoho Desk offers powerful local SQL engine for SELECT statement execution. It executes SQL statements in the following way:

Simple SQL statements are translated to Zoho Desk API calls and executed on the Zoho Desk side directly. However, dotConnect for Zoho Desk also supports more advanced SQL features, such as SQL functions or expressions, complex WHERE conditions, joins, etc.

If you use these more advanced SQL features, dotConnect for Zoho Desk queries all the data from the objects that participate in the query, and executes the statement locally.

How to Start

dotConnect for Zoho Desk has a detailed documentation that can help you quickly get started with our product. Read our tutorials first:


Connecting to Zoho Desk

This tutorial describes how to connect to Zoho Desk either from Visual Studio Server Explorer or from application code via ZohoConnection.

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Retrieving Zoho Desk Data

This tutorial describes how to get Zoho Desk data with ZohoCommand and ZohoDataReader or with ZohoDataAdapter.

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Updating Zoho Desk Data

This tutorial describes how to manage Zoho Desk data with SQL and the ZohoCommand class or with the ZohoDataAdapter class.

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dotConnect Universal offers universal access to data of different databases for the Microsoft .NET Framework. It supports most of major database servers, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, InterBase, and Firebird. Other servers can be accessed through their ADO.NET, OLE DB and ODBC providers.
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Get started with dotConnect for Zoho Desk at no cost

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Try dotConnect Universal

Universal access to data of different databases for the Microsoft .NET Framework. It supports most of major database servers, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, InterBase, and Firebird

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