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EntityDAC Editions

EntityDAC comes in three editions: Express, Standard and Professional.

Express Edition is a free version of EntityDAC including Standard and Devart Data Providers, and some of the EntityDAC features for evaluation.

Standard Edition is a cost-effective solution for developers looking for a high-performance and feature-rich ORM for Delphi.

Professional Edition extends Standard Edition with several important design-time features and data-aware components.

You can get Source Access of all the component classes in EntityDAC by purchasing the special EntityDAC Professional Edition with Source Code.

For more information about getting the EntityDAC edition you want, visit the How to Order section.

The matrix below compares features of EntityDAC editions.

Features Express Standard Professional
Entity Developer

Entity Developer

Visual ORM Model Designer No Yes Yes


Code-mapped Entities Yes Yes Yes
Attribute-mapped Entities Yes Yes Yes
XML-mapped Entities Yes Yes Yes
Attribute-mapped Objects Yes Yes Yes
Mapping Customization No Yes Yes


Ordinal Meta Types Yes Yes Yes
Complex Meta Types No Yes Yes
Meta Type Inheritance No Yes Yes
Generators Yes Yes Yes
One-To-Many Associations Yes Yes Yes
One-To-One Associations No Yes Yes
Many-To-Many Associations No Yes Yes
Data Context

Data Context

Get Single Entity Yes Yes Yes
Get Entity List Yes Yes Yes
Save Entity Yes Yes Yes
Submit & Reject All Changes Yes Yes Yes
Direct SQL Execution Yes Yes Yes
Deferred Relation Load Yes Yes Yes
Create & Drop Database No No Yes


LINQ queries in Run-Time Yes Yes Yes
LINQ queries in Design-Time No No Yes
LINQ Code Insight in IDE No Yes Yes
Binding to Controls

Binding to Controls

Run-Time Live-Binding Yes Yes Yes
Design-Time Live-Binding No No Yes
Binding to Data-Aware Controls

Binding to Data-Aware Controls

Run-Time Binding No Yes Yes
Design-Time Binding No No Yes
Design-Time Components

Design-Time Components

TEntityConnection No Yes Yes
TEntityXMLModel No Yes Yes
TEntityContext No Yes Yes
Data-Aware components

Data-Aware Components

TEntityDataSource No Yes Yes
TEntityDataSet No Yes Yes
TEntityTable No No Yes
TEntityQuery No No Yes

Devart Data Providers

UniDAC Data Provider Yes Yes Yes
ODAC Data Provider Yes Yes Yes
SDAC Data Provider Yes Yes Yes
MyDAC Data Provider Yes Yes Yes
IBDAC Data Provider Yes Yes Yes
PgDAC Data Provider Yes Yes Yes
LiteDAC Data Provider Yes Yes Yes

Standard Data Providers

ADO Data Provider Yes Yes Yes
IBX Data Provider Yes Yes Yes
dbExpress Data Provider Yes Yes Yes
FireDAC Data Provider Yes Yes Yes

Third-Party Data Providers

Several additional data providers in Demos No Yes Yes
Single License Price Free $149.95 $249.95