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Database Tools

Must-have SQL Server tools and tools for MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL database development, management and administration

Data Connectivity

The most trusted solutions for your data connectivity needs: ADO.NET, ODBC, SSIS, Excel, dbExpress, Delphi Components

Productivity Tools

Write code, create reviews, compare sources, track the working hours with the web app, utilize the power of ORM Solutions

Data Services

Data integration, online backup, web-based SQL tools, cloud connectivity solution

Object-Relation Mapping

  • Clearer business logic by dealing with objects, hiding all the database-access layer
  • Full encapsulation of the persistence mechanism. Saving, updating and loading of entities in an object-oriented way
  • Multi-object actions
  • Tool for automatic object model generation on the basis of database schema
  • Mapping of arbitrary ?plain old Delphi classes? using attributes
  • Lazy loading of related entity / collection
  • Entity cache provides object identity and maximally improves the performance
  • Nullable types support
  • Auto-generated property values
  • Cascade save and delete operations
  • Table-per-type and Table-per-hierarchy entity inheritance
  • One-to-One, One-to-Many and Many-to-Many associations support
  • Lifetime management of entities
  • Using concepts and patterns such as Active Record, Entity, Value Object, Unit of Work, Repository and Aggregates
  • Built-in validation


  • Using different databases without altering code
  • Database schema generation on the basis of object model
  • Most of well-known data-access component packs support ?out of the box?
  • Ability to create custom data-access providers

LINQ language

  • Based on native Delphi language but not string
  • Rich syntax (support where, join, ordering, union, aggregates, quantifiers and partitioning methods)
  • Context tips (Code Insight) during editing
  • Syntax check while compiling
  • Query caching for performance


  • TEntityTable and TEntityQuery components for easy and fast interfacing to data-aware controls
  • Support for most known data-access component packs:
    • Devart data access components support:
    • Standard data access components support:
      • ADO
      • IBX
      • dbExpress
      • FireDAC
    • 3rd-party data access components support