EntityDAC Testimonials

I originally purchased TMS Aurelius (ORM). I could not get it off the ground after three days. Poor documentation. I tried EntityDac. I had EntityDac up and running using my database in 30 minutes. Documentation is very good. I wish I had started with EntityDac first.

Bud Chapin, Owner of Bud's Pc Consulting & Custom Programming

This is "THE ORM FOR DELPHI". Easy to use and powerful. With this tool I have simplified the DB managing in my Delphi application and I can create true cross-db application using EntityDAC and UNIDAC, two great products.

Angelo Lopez, Founder/analyst/developer at Unocom Italia

I don't say one of your competitors is bad, but my first impression is that EntityDAC is more USER FRIENDLY, and the entity developer looks much better (at least at the eyes of a DBForge X user)as the counterpart DataModeler.

Francesco Todini