Data Access Components Testimonials

utilizo em um sistema desktop em delphi xe7 que acessa uma base sql server 2014 remota em um data center, onde tenho centenas de usuarios conectados, o sdac se mostrou extremamente veloz ao acessar dados remotos. se mostrou mais veloz na busca dos dados, do que a utilizacao do datasnap. execelente documentacao, suporte, evolucao constante do produto.

Wilton de Queiroz Vieira, analista de sistemas

We have developed an ERP system for a wet glue label printer company. The 280 users are using the application in a 7*24 hour production. With SDAC we have implemented fast performing client applications, production systems which are easy to install and maintain. Since The software is over 2 million lines of code the use of the right dataset componentset is critical. We think using Devart SDAC is for us the best choice, because no additional drivers need to be installed, it performs well even on the older machines and the quality is excellent.

Olivier Olmer, Oxolutions BV

SDAC component suite gave us opportunity to provide our customers with trouble-free and efficient database access in our software solutions. Since we began using Devart DAC components, our development time shortened drastically, since we can focus on the application instead of data access. Some clever solutions, like macro parameters, gave us widened programming options which help us satisfy our customers more efficiently. Devart's devotion to keep up with database server developers warrants us security and helps us stay in business.

We do actually use SDAC, MyDAC, IBDAC and ODAC, in some of our software solutions we use even more than two of them at the same time. I personally think that Devart's DAC libraries for Delphi were our best buy, and helped us a lot in database applications development.
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Mr. Davor Tavcar, head of Development department, Storitve Tavcar in partnerji d.n.o.

I use SDAC in my daily works. It works perfect. I use it to fetch data from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008 without changing any code, it save my many time to work with different MS SQL Server Version. And it is very fast. I like it as I like ODAC.

Quan Zhong Min, CIO of Xi'an Siyuan University of China.