SQL Server Data Access Components Editions

SQL Server Data Access Components comes in two editions: Standard and Professional.

The Standard edition includes the SDAC basic connectivity components and SDAC Migration Wizard. SDAC Standard Edition is a cost-effective solution for database application developers who are looking for high-performance connectivity to SQL Server for secure, reliable, and high-speed data transmission.

The Professional edition shows off the full power of SDAC, enhancing SDAC Standard Edition with support for SQL Server-specific functionality, access to the Direct mode for connecting to the SQL Server directly via TCP/IP, and advanced dataset management features.

You can get Source Access to the implementation of all the component classes in SDAC by purchasing a special SDAC Professional Edition with Source Code, which includes the source code of all component classes. The source code of DataSet Manager and Migration Wizard is not distributed. The source code of the Direct mode for SQL Server is distributed obfuscated.

The matrix below compares the features of SDAC editions. The detailed list of all SDAC features can be found on the features page.

Features Standard Professional
Direct Connectivity

Direct Connectivity

Connection without SQL Server client No Yes

Desktop Application Development

Windows Yes Yes
macOS No Yes
Linux No Yes

Mobile Application Development

iOS No Yes
Android No Yes

Data Access Components

Base components
Yes Yes
Script executing
Yes Yes
Transactions managing
Yes Yes
Fast data loading into the server
No Yes
SQl Server Specific Components

SQL Server Specific Components

Working with user-defined table types in SQL Server 2008
Yes Yes
Connection to SQL Server Compact Edition
No Yes
Reaction on server side changes on-the-fly
No Yes
Sending messages with Service Broker system
No Yes
Obtaining metadata about database objects
No Yes
Storing a database as a script
No Yes
DataBase Activity Monitoring

Database activity monitoring

Monitoring of per-component SQL execution
Yes Yes
Additional Components

Additional Components

Advanced connection dialog
Yes Yes
Data encryption and decryption
No Yes
Data storing in memory table
Yes Yes
Dataset that wraps arbitrary non-tabular data
Yes Yes
Advanced DBGrid with extended functionality
Yes Yes
Records transferring between datasets
No Yes
Design-Time Features

Design-Time Features

Enhanced component and property editors Yes Yes
Migration Wizard Yes Yes
DataSet Manager No Yes
Cross IDE Support

Cross IDE Support

Lazarus and Free Pascal support No    Click to view restrictions
Single License Price $199.95 $299.95

1 Available only in editions with source code.