SQLite Data Integration in ETL Using SSIS Source, Lookup & Destination Components

Devart SSIS Data Flow Components for SQLite allows you to integrate SQLite data with other databases and cloud applications via SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). They include optimized SQLite Source, SQLite Destination, and SQLite Lookup components and provide their own SQLite Connection Manager with lots of SQLite-specific connectivity features.

With Devart SSIS Data Flow Components for SQLite you can:
  • quickly build SSIS-based integration solutions for SQLite;
  • automate SQLite integration via SSIS Data Flow tasks;
  • import and export CSV files to SQLite;
  • synchronize SQLite with SQL Server or other data sources;
  • and many more.

SQLite Encryption

You no longer have to spend money to buy expensive SQLite client libraries with support for encryption - with Devart SSIS Data Flow Components for SQLite the following encryption algorithms will ensure data protection: AES, Blowfish, TripleDES, Cast128, RC4, AES-128, AES-192, AES-256, Blowfish, CAST-128, RC4, Triple DES, and more.

Devart SQLite Encryption

SQLite-Specific Connection Features

Our SSIS components for SQLite include their own connection manager, offering support for SQLite-specific and other features. These components help to specify the relevant database path, set configurations for the connection pool, etc.

Devart SQLite Connection Manager

Convenient Devart SQLite Source Editor

Devart SQLite Source component offers a convenient editor, which displays all the connection tables and their columns and allows you to quickly build a query to SQLite via drag-n-drop. It also displays the list of available system and user variables of the package, allowing you to quickly add them to your select statements. If necessary, you can also quickly preview data, returned by the source, and check whether your query returns what you need.

Devart SQLite Source Editor

Advanced Lookup Optimizations

Devart SQLite Lookup component offers very high performance because of the advanced optimization techniques used. It uses select statements that check several rows at once, and caches the returned results to reduce the number of round-trips to the server.

Devart SQLite Lookup properties

Database-Specific Optimizations in Devart SQLite Destination

To speed up loading data to SQLite, Devart SQLite Destination uses SQLite-specific optimizations. This helps to perform very fast bulk inserting of data.

Devart SQLite Destination properties

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