Connect and Manage Oracle Databases with an Integrated Visual Studio Plugin

dbForge Fusion for Oracle is a Visual Studio plugin designed to enhance the productivity of Oracle database development and simplify data management.

dbForge Fusion helps you connect to Oracle databases from Visual Studio, create Oracle database projects, design compound SQL statements and queries, and work with data.

  • Seamless integration with Visual Studio
  • Easy PL/SQL coding with autocompletion, smart formatting, and more
  • Step-by-step execution of stored program units and SQL scripts
  • Work with Oracle database projects in Visual Studio
  • Comparison and synchronization of Oracle database schemas and data
  • Design, customization, and reverse engineering of Oracle databases
  • Query Profiler providing optimization of SQL queries
  • Database Object Manager and import/export of Oracle schemas
  • Integration with Devart dotConnect for Oracle

Why dbForge Fusion for Oracle?

Visual tools for database design

Visual tools for database design

dbForge tools are designed to eliminate as much routine coding as possible. That's why we create visual design tools that simplify your work and reduce a number of manual operations to a single click.

Intelligent PL/SQL coding with autocompletion

Intelligent PL/SQL coding with autocompletion

Still, whenever you need to deal with coding, dbForge Fusion makes it easier for you with smart autocompletion, use of snippets, and code formatting.

Built-in comparison and sync features

Built-in comparison and sync features

You always need to keep your databases up-to-date — and we offer the fastest and the safest way to do that. Both data and schemas of your Oracle databases can be checked for differences and synchronized in a few clicks.

Your work becomes at least 25% faster

Your work becomes at least 25% faster

According to the success stories of our clients, they experience an average 25% productivity growth when switching to dbForge tools in daily work. Download the 30-day free trial of dbForge Fusion and see for yourself.

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Grow your business with Devart – become our Enterprise client and get a customized package of Oracle database software, tailored to your business needs and demands.
  • Bonuses for corporate clients

    These may include fast and effective deployment, corporate budget optimization, and a number of special deals.
  • Dedicated manager

    We will save your time by providing a dedicated manager to consult you and guide you through all the purchasing and licensing processes.

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General Dynamics
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