Decrypt SQL Server Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Views

SQL Server stored procedures, views, functions, and triggers may be created with the WITH ENCRYPTION option to encrypt the definition of the specific object. dbForge SQL Decryptor is a free tool that can help you view and decrypt the encrypted stored procedures, views, triggers, and functions in a quick way. To make it easy and efficient to work with the encrypted objects, use a highly responsive UI, syntax highlighting, Unicode support, a batch mode, decryption caching, output options, and other capabilities.

  • Restore the original T-SQL body if the primary source script file has been lost
  • Get rid of the encryption option which makes no sense due to weak protection
  • Save decrypted objects to one or several files
  • Alter database objects in-place in an SSMS-like SQL editor
  • Connect to the local & remote server with no need using DAC mode
  • Preserve all national characters while decrypting stored routines
  • No need to have any T-SQL scripting knowledge thanks to point-and-click decryption
  • View DDL scripts of stored routines with syntax highlighting

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