Collect and Analyze
SQL Server Trace Data

dbForge Event Profiler for SQL Server is a FREE tool that allows you to capture and analyze SQL Server events. The events and data columns are stored in a physical trace file for later examination. You can use this information to identify and troubleshoot many SQL Server-related problems to make it a smooth database sailing. Whether it's high server load or certain queries impacting database stability, Event Profiler is a handy solution for inspecting and analyzing its performance for SQL Server.

  • View sessions running on servers and the queries they are executing
  • Find out what front-end applications have the heaviest activity
  • Examine statements, batches, and procedures with poor performance
  • Detect the queries that impact server productivity the most
  • Monitor, trace, and investigate user activity for audit purposes
  • Track the impact of users on SQL Server resource utilization
  • Identify the users responsible for particular activities on the server
  • Trace the activity of SQL Server Database Engine

SQL Tools for SQL Server

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Still using standard SQL Server Profiler?
See why our tool is way better:

1500+ traceable events

dbForge Event Profiler captures all the possible types of events to fit in a single document with all the details for future audit and analysis.

Higher tracer performance

Now it takes seconds to load the largest of databases that pop up immediately in the final document overview as well as to launch the tool.

Lower traceable server load

Well-tailored code structure makes up for a concise server interaction, drastically reducing the stress weighed upon the server during the events.

Flexible events filter

The Event Filter can be set up based on the Operator, Event, Source, Comparator, Pattern, and the custom parameters or go with "all" events for the overview.

Useful grid with sorting

Fast and easy data sorting with a simple header shortcut click. Holding SHIFT enables secondary sorting up to as many column sortings as you wish.

Query syntax highlighting

SQL convenience the way you like it - each SQL query has its text highlighted to distinguish SQL statements, operators, and clauses from the other text.

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