Collect and Analyze SQL Server Trace Data

dbForge Event Profiler for SQL Server is a FREE tool that allows you to capture and analyze SQL Server events. The events and data columns are stored in a physical trace file for later examination. You can use this information to identify and troubleshoot many SQL Server-related problems.

Still using standard SQL Server Profiler? See why our tool is a way better:

Full support for Extended Evens
Higher performance
Minimal server load
1000+ traceable events
Query syntax highlighting
Filtering and sorting in the grid

How can Event Profiler help DBAs and developers?

  • Monitor the activity of SQL Server Database Engine, Analysis Services, and Integration Services
  • Monitor and identify performance-related problems with front-end application, queries, T-SQL, transactions, and much more
  • Monitor and identify SQL Server errors and warnings
  • Audit user activity
  • Analyze, group, and aggregate trace results, and save them to a file
  • Create own custom traces and save them for future use
  • View how SQL Server works when interacting with a client
  • Perform stress testing
  • Perform quality assurance testing

dbForge Developer Bundle for SQL Server

Event Profiler is a part of dbForge Developer Bundle for SQL Server - an ultimate kit of fourteen database development and management tools for SSMS. Purchasing the single kit will save you 50% of the cost of each tool as compared to purchasing them individually.

Developer Bundle Save up to 25
Part of dbForge Studio for SQL Server

If you want to get the event profiling features together with other database-related functionality for performing tasks, try out dbForge Studio for SQL Server, Professional Edition — management and administration tool for SQL Server.

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