Entity Developer Testimonials

I tried Entity Developer and it works much better than the built-in model generator.

René Möller, Thesycon Systemsoftware & Consulting GmbH

Let me say first, that the DevArt DotConnect for Oracle is fantastic. It solved the problem perfectly, which was to use LINQ with Oracle. The Entity Developer tool is amazing--I can make a data change and it compiles immediately.

Mark A. Abraham, Indiana State Department of Health

I have got to say that you guys are the most responsive group when it comes to fixing bugs. Many of the problems I have posted about have specifically been addressed in a subsequent release of your dotConnect for Oracle or Entity Developer products. This one wasn't even a complaint and you fixed it anyway. Thank you! Please keep up the great customer service, you guys are awesome!

Simon Kingaby, Piedmont Natural Gas

I am quite a fan of the Devart tools having had experience of a wide variety of SQL interfaces over a lifetime of database support and administration, including Oracle and Informix as well as Postgres. Your Entity Developer has always been a rock-solid mechanism for providing C# code to access my databases without ODBC, with valuablel error reporting and lightning fast compilation. DotConnect and extensive use of Linq enables me to provide a detailed Data Access layer to my software designs that is clear and straightforward. It has been a delight to use.

Dr Nigel Tucker, Software Architect, Specialised Structures

When you are a small company, speed in development is paramount. Entity Developer, is the ideal tool to optimize the time of software development and the possibility of modifying the templates, offers a level of customization appropriate to any need.

Hector Reyes Armenta, Software Architect, Specialised Structures