Connect Excel to Zoho Books Using Add-In

Optimize your Zoho Books workflow with the Devart Excel Add-in for Zoho Books. This advanced tool seamlessly connects Microsoft Excel with Zoho Books, simplifying data exchange between the two platforms for better productivity and efficiency.

The Devart Excel Add-in for Zoho Books serves as the perfect bridge between Microsoft Excel and Zoho Books, empowering you to:

  • Get full read/write access to Zoho Books data
  • Effortlessly import data from Zoho Books into Excel
  • Instantly refresh your Excel workbooks with the latest information from Zoho Books
  • Make required edits right in Excel
  • Easily sync changes back to Zoho Books
  • Use familiar Excel tools to manipulate and visualize live data from Zoho Books

Connect to Zoho Books directly from Microsoft Excel

The Devart Excel Add-in for Zoho Books is a powerful tool that enables you to connect directly with live Zoho Books data from Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet program included in the Microsoft Office suite. With this seamless integration, you can conveniently manage Zoho Books data within the familiar Excel interface. Additionally, by utilizing Excel's robust functionality, including complex formulas, you can gain deeper insights and conduct more thorough analysis of your Zoho Books data to improve decision-making.

Connect to Zoho Books from Excel

Configure connection properties easily

Accessing your external data from Excel is now simpler than ever. Just navigate to the DEVART tab on the ribbon and click Get Data. This will open the Connection Editor dialog, where you can select your data source from the provided list. Next, input the required connection parameters in the designated fields. To confirm the connection properties, click Test Connection. Once all necessary parameters are configured, proceed by clicking Next.

Set up connection properties from Excel to Zoho Books

Enjoy flexible data import

The add-in's powerful Query Builder enables you to customize your data import process according to your specific requirements. You can select the tables you want to import, apply required conditions and filters for data retrieval, and establish a sorting order to organize your data for convenient analysis.

More than that, you have the flexibility to create a custom query directly within the Query Builder interface or switch to the SQL Query tab to enter a custom SELECT statement for a more precise data extraction.

Import Wizard - from Zoho Books to Excel

Preview data before importing

The Devart Excel add-in for Zoho Books provides you with the capability to preview data before exporting it from Zoho Books and to specify additional options for importing it into Excel worksheets.

With the preview feature, you can visually review the data prior to import, guaranteeing its accuracy and completeness. This functionality is particularly valuable when working with query results, as it ensures that the retrieved data precisely meets your needs.

Preview data to be imported - from Zoho Books to Excel

Edit Zoho Books Data like a regular Excel spreadsheet

Easily access fresh Zoho Books data directly from your Excel workbook. With a single click on the ribbon, update your analysis and charts to reflect the latest information. Editing Zoho Books data in Excel is straightforward—toggle the Edit Mode button to make changes such as adding or deleting rows and modifying cell values, all highlighted for easy identification. After editing, simply commit changes or roll them back. Plus, the Devart Excel Add-in for Zoho Books instantly validates data and highlights errors for quick correction.

Instantly edit and refresh - from Zoho Books to Excel

Supported Data Sources

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