Hyarchis needed efficient and powerful tools to obtain quick and comprehensive information about the SQL Server state


About customer

Erik Meegdes is a Senior Product Specialist at Hyarchis. The company has been developing data management solutions for over 30 years. Its products for document management, business intelligence, and governance are valued highly on the market. The company now serves its customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, and Ireland. Currently, Hyarchis has more than 55,000 users throughout Europe.
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Challenges faced

Developers and DBAs at Hyarchis needed efficient and powerful tools to obtain quick and comprehensive information about the SQL server state. The company also required a solution that would let them create complex queries easier and faster.

Simplify designing complex queries by getting a drag-and-drop graphic interface.
Obtain more comprehensive information about the state of the SQL server and all databases.
Improve reporting for customers to better meet their needs.
"Now I am using the tooling for just about everything. It gives easy access to the state of SQL Server and the databases (monitor and manage indexes option), and, of course, it gives the option to create queries for different reports quickly and easily."
Evgeniy Gribkov
Erik Meegdes
Senior Product Specialist

Results achieved

The company tried several tools. After testing, they chose the dbForge Studio for SQL Server package as the default tool for all SQL-related jobs.

Its functional graphic user interface with the "drag-and-drop" mode made the complex queries creation straightforward. A quick overview of the SQL server state with all necessary statistics about queries and performance let us detect possible issues in SQL indexes earlier.

Besides, data report creation became quicker and more efficient, especially for the non-standard reports. The customers get detailed responses for all their requests at once.

Key Features Hyarchis is excited about

Graphic Query builder

Visual tools help identify essential query features and visualize tables, views, queries and subqueries, and links connecting those elements. Additional options let the user track and check the SQL document structures. This way, you can build SELECT statements with multiple tables, joins, conditions, and subqueries without the need to type the code manually.

Monitor for the database server

A toolset for the SQL Server diagnostics brings an overall picture of all processes and queries. Users save many hours they'd spend on performance analysis. The general dashboard displays real-time information on the most essential SQL Server performance metrics – CPU and Memory utilization, "read and write" latencies, IO latency, etc.

Index Manager

The tool collects the fragmentation stats and identifies the databases requiring maintenance. It also provides an in-depth insight into the database indexes statuses and reports the results of index analysis. Users can rebuild and reorganize indexes by generating SQL scripts or in a visual mode. Moreover, those scripts can be saved for future reference.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

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