SQL Query Builder

dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server is a handy tool that helps you visually construct even the most complex SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries with no need for time-consuming manual coding. Simply start drawing your queries on diagrams, and our smart Query Builder will do the rest for you.

  • Create queries of any complexity on diagrams without manual coding
  • Auto-join columns by primary/foreign key or name
  • Add and edit sub-queries
  • Sort and filter data based on custom criteria
  • Execute queries and edit table data
  • Use the integrated Query Profiler to optimize queries
  • Reverse-engineer queries

dbForge Query Builder killer feature - Query Plan

  • View the EXPLAIN plan and profiling results, and monitor session statistics
  • Save time on detecting bottlenecks in your queries
  • View time delays at different stages of executing a query
  • Compare differences in query profiling results visually
  • Get a clear and automated way to profile your database queries
  • Fetch SQL query data faster
  • Trace SQL queries and diagnose performance issues with slow queries

Check out our quick video guides

Design a SELECT Query

Make your coding faster and with dbForge Query Builder. Just drag database objects from Database Explorer onto a diagram, and JOINs will be created automatically.

Design an UPDATE Query

With dbForge Query Builder, you can quickly and easily create a SELECT query, preview your selected data, and then convert it into an UPDATE query with the WHERE condition intact.

Design an INSERT Query

Watch the video to learn easy it is to insert data into tables with the help of the SQL INSERT statement designed directly in Query Builder.

Design a DELETE Query

Watch the video to find out how to create a DELETE query in Query Builder. With its help, you can remove data from SQL Server tables much faster!

Manipulate SQL Data

Watch the video to see how to manipulate SQL table data using dbForge Query Builder. You can edit your data with the foreign key lookup as well as seamlessly insert, update, delete, and export data to a multitude of formats.

View SQL Data

Query Builder incorporates a sophisticated Data Editor that allows viewing, sorting, grouping, and filtering SQL data right in the results grid.

See how dbForge Query Builder helps you work with JOINs

SQL JOINs Visualizer

Click the diagram to see the visual illustration of how SQL JOIN operates in different scenarios with the help of the Query Builder. The tool visualizes different joins in the corresponding tab.

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