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Although the potential of data is immense, it can only be realized through scrupulous analysis. Only then can it provide valuable insights that can be further applied to propel well-informed, effective business decision-making, regardless of the actual domain you deal with.

But to make it all happen, you must be properly equipped with tools that will help you gather raw data from a variety of sources, extract precise bits of information to explore relevant data trends, and, finally, translate your findings into compelling data reports that will be easily understood by technical and non-technical audiences alike—and help them stay on the same page.

  • Fast access to any volumes of data
  • Investigation of data sources
  • Easy collection, aggregation, and calculation of data from multiple sources
  • Streamlined data type conversions
  • Data visualization on charts
  • Identification of data trends and patterns
  • Formation of actionable insights based on these trends
  • Preparation of intelligible, transparent reports for stakeholders

How Devart products simplify and augment data analysis


Time spent on routine operations

dbForge database tools streamline your overall workflow and automate recurring operations, helping you better concentrate on things that require your attention most of all. Besides, Devart ODBC drivers can help you to employ advanced algorithms and techniques, resulting in faster query execution times.


Faster SQL coding

Try context-aware code completion, smart formatting, and code refactoring integrated into dbForge tools! In addition, you can apply Devart SSIS products, which offer SQL task components, custom scripting options, parameterization and variable usage, and integration with database tools.


Reduction of errors

The built-in instant syntax validation feature will help you keep your code error-free. Also, Devart ODBC drivers and Excel add-ins will reduce errors and ensure the accuracy and integrity of data analysis by providing tools for data validation, query design assistance, data transformation, and error handling.


Query building productivity

Build queries of any complexity by visualizing them on diagrams—a splendid time-saver for you. Plus, Devart Excel add-ins include visual query builders that provide an intuitive interface for constructing queries. These builders allow you to design queries by sorting options through a graphical representation.


Faster reporting

Using dbForge tools, you can summarize your data in pivot tables, visualize it on charts, observe it in Master-Detail Browser, and build comprehensive data reports in no time. What's more, Devart SSIS products contribute to streamlined reporting by providing efficient data extraction and error-handling capabilities.


Efficiency from day one

The interfaces of dbForge tools are designed so immaculately that you will be able to use them effectively right away. Moreover, our data connectivity solutions, such as Excel add-ins, ODBC drivers, and SSIS products, enable instant integration with various sources, such as databases and cloud platforms.

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Make your data analysis easy with the integrated features of Devart products

Code completion Code completion
Instant syntax validation Instant syntax validation
Visual Query Builder Visual query building
Data editing Data editing
Data Import & Export Data import and export
Data comparison and synchronization Data comparison and synchronization
Master-Detail Browser Master-Detail Browser
Pivot tables and charts Pivot tables and charts
Database Diagrams Data reports

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Supported database management systems

The dbForge product line focuses on the four major database systems. For each of them, we offer a feature-rich independent IDE, which covers a variety of database development and administration tasks, as well as minor standalone applications and add-ins with a narrow focus (including, but not limited to fast SQL coding, visual query building, and database comparison).

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