Best MariaDB Client and Manager

dbForge Studio for MySQL is a fully-featured GUI tool to develop, manage and administer MariaDB databases. It allows building queries in a visual designer, running large scripts without loading them into memory, and creating database projects, diagrams as well as data reports in a user-friendly interface. With the MariaDB monitoring tools, you can track sessions and user activity, back up and restore database files. The MariaDB IDE has an option to export/import data to/from the most popular data formats as well, and much more.

Intelligent SQL Coding

Create and edit SQL queries with our MariaDB code completion feature. It includes MariaDB syntax highlighting, SQL check and automatic code formatting via a command line, which significantly simplify your development process.


Database Designer

With a database design tool, you can draw a database diagram and database objects, compare and synchronize database schemas, as well as create a database project with several clicks.


Import/Export Data

Our import/export wizard allows you to retrieve data into MariaDB databases in the most popular data formats including HTML, CSV, Excel, XML, ODBC, and much more. In addition, it is possible to customize data export/import in the convenient and user-friendly MariaDB editor.


Database Backup

MariaDB backup tool allows users to backup and restore databases from/to a backup file very quickly and effortlessly. Alternatively, you may schedule data backup to avoid data loss.