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dbForge Studio for MySQL is a fully-featured GUI tool to develop, manage, and administer MariaDB databases. It allows building queries in a visual designer, running large scripts without loading them into memory, creating database projects, diagrams, and data reports.

With the MariaDB monitoring tools, you can track sessions and user activity, back up and restore database files. The MariaDB IDE also has an option to export/import data to/from the most popular data formats and much, much more.

  • Design MariaDB databases
  • Create unit tests
  • Generate database scripts
  • Copy databases
  • Export/import table data
  • Compare and synchronize MariaDB databases
  • Generate meaningful test data
  • Back up and restore databases
  • Generate database documentation
  • Version-control database changes

Intelligent SQL Coding

Speed up your query writing with IntelliSense-style code completion and pretty SQL formatting. MariaDB editor that comes with dbForge Studio for MySQL allows creating and editing SQL queries quickly and easily.


  • Automatic code completion
  • MariaDB syntax highlighting
  • Code refactoring
  • Code formatting
  • CRUD generation
  • Quick access to object definitions
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MariaDB Database Management

As an advanced MariaDB Manager, dbForge Studio for MySQL incorporates a bunch of useful features allowing you to protect data and resolve issues before they damage your database health.


  • Compare and synchronize MariaDB data and schemas
  • Generate MariaDB database documentation
  • Reporting and analysis tools
  • Profile and optimize queries
  • Generate meaningful test data
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MariaDB Database Administration

dbForge Studio for MySQL is designed to facilitate managing and administering MariaDB databases. The tool allows executing scripts and queries, managing user roles and privileges, exporting and backing up data and many, many more in a convenient and intuitive GUI.


  • Back up and restore MariaDB databases
  • Configure user accounts and permissions
  • Copy or move databases
  • Perform table maintenance
  • Generate database scripts
  • Locate and resolve database index fragmentation issues
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Database Backup

MariaDB backup tool that comes with dbForge Studio for MySQL allows users to backup and restore databases from/to a backup file quickly and effortlessly. Using the tool, you can also automate and schedule data backup tasks to save time and avoid data loss.


  • Backup and restore MariaDB databases via the Command Line
  • Backup database structure, data, or both
  • Automate and schedule database backup and restore
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Import/Export MariaDB Data

dbForge Studio for MySQL Export wizard allows you to retrieve data from MariaDB databases in the most popular data formats including HTML, CSV, Excel, XML, ODBC, and much more. Similarly, the Import wizard helps populate MariaDB databases from the most popular formats.


  • MariaDB data export to 14 popular formats
  • Data import from 10 popular formats into MariaDB table
  • Easy-to-follow data export and import wizards
  • Rich customization ability
  • Templates to save settings for recurring scenarios
  • Schedule data import/export tasks via Command line
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Support for Packages and Sequences

dbForge Studio for MySQL allows working with the new objects - Packages and Sequences - established with the introduction of Oracle compatibility in MariaDB Server 10.3. Thus, the tool makes it easier for DBAs and developers to migrate and/or reuse database code.

Use dbForge Studio for MySQL to migrate the legacy Oracle PL/SQL to MariaDB without having to rewrite the code!

Packages and Sequences support for MariaDB
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