Broad Compatibility Options of dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL

dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL supports the most popular PostgreSQL-compatible cloud databases, storage and search engines, thus allowing you to select the most suitable for your needs. With such PostgreSQL cloud services as Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, Azure PostgreSQL, and Greenplum DB high performance, reliability, and scalability are guaranteed. Stop worrying about security issues and data theft - get connected to dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL!

Database Servers

PostgreSQL Server

Our product supports the latest PostgreSQL server versions up to 12.x. It is designed to be extensible by users in many aspects. Its features include ACID transactions, foreign keys, views, sequences, subqueries, triggers, outer joins, multiversion concurrency control, and user-defined types and functions.

Greenplum DB

Greenplum DB is a massively parallel-processing database (MPP) server with an architecture that is specifically designed to manage large-scale analytical data warehouses and business intelligence workloads. MPP refers to systems with two or more processors that interact to perform an operation, with each processor having its own memory, operating system, and disks. Greenplum uses this high-performance system architecture to distribute the load to multi-terabyte data stores and can use all system resources in parallel to process the request.

Cloud Services

Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL is a cloud service that simplifies the process of setting up and scaling databases. With this service, users can perform fast deployment and automatically run backup and updates of database software.

Azure PostgreSQL

Azure Database for PostgreSQL is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a fast and scalable data warehouse that makes analyzing all data in the data warehouse and in the data lake easier. Thanks to machine learning technologies, massively parallel query execution and the use of column storages on high-performance disks, Redshift performance is ten times higher than the performance of other data storages. The service allows setting up a new data warehouse and deploying it, and then immediately execute queries to the petabytes of the Redshift data warehouse and exabytes of data from the Amazon S3-based data lake.

Connection Types

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

With an SSL certificate, users can transmit data without worrying about their data theft or loss. This certificate encrypts data and ensures that all the information transmitted via the Internet is private and that no one even if they get access to it will read messages or disclose data.

Secure Shell (SSH)

SSH is a network protocol that provides secure communication in the client/server environment. SSH protocols guarantee secure authentication and data transmission. In addition, with this protocol, data is encrypted into a set of symbols to prevent data from theft or interception.