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PostgreSQL Formatting

The tool delivers cutting-edge features to enhance your scripting abilities, refine your formatting, and ensure each of your team members get aligned with the coding standards.

Formatting a profile within dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL syntax check

The Syntax check feature is crucial in terms of code quality and a gain of time. It allows you to identify errors and validate PostgreSQL queries, thus boosting your productivity and saving your time.

The Syntax check tool shows a tip to add an identifier

Code completion

With the Code completion feature, you can essentially facilitate the process of code typing and benefit from smart suggestions of values that are automatically generated by the tool.

The completion list suggests different values for the command in Studio for PostgreSQL

Code snippets

Working in Studio for PostgreSQL, you can greatly reduce repetitive code typing as well as ensure code correctness. The Code snippets functionality offers a suggestion list that includes most commonly used code fragments.

The Code snippets option offers a suggestion list with table names in Studio for PostgreSQL