Easy way to compare and synchronize SQL Server databases

dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server is a powerful, fast and easy to use SQL comparison tool, capable of using native SQL Server backups as metadata source. With dbForge Data Compare you can tune your SQL database comparison, quickly analyze differences in a well-designed user interface and effortlessly synchronize data via a convenient wizard with additional options.

What can SQL Server DBAs and developers do with such data compare tool?

SQL Server: Compare, Analyze, Synchronize
  • Perform SQL Server database comparison to detect changes
  • Compare SQL Server backups with live databases
  • Analyze data differences between two databases
  • Synchronize two databases that went out of sync
  • Restore data of a particular table from the backup
  • Generate data comparison reports in Excel and HTML formats
  • Copy look-up data from development database to production
  • Automate routine data synchronization tasks with command-line interface

Full functionality is listed under Features section

Why need an SQL server data compare tool?

SQL Server Data Compare Tool

Typically, dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server is used in environments that share a database object at multiple databases. The tool is essential when:

  • Databases went out of sync due to network outage or human errors
  • Databases differ in structure and need custom data synchronization
  • You are moving data between environments when developing and don't need replication

How will an enterprise benefit from dbForge Data Compare?

SQL Server Data Compare Performance
  • Reduce system downtime caused by data replication errors and speed up the recovery
  • Accelerate application development thanks to fast deployment of data changes
  • Build custom data synchronization scenarios at low cost

Benefits of Data Compare Tool for SQL Server

Why choose our instrument?

  • Outstanding performance when comparing large databases
  • Wide support of SQL Server versions
  • Affordable price and one year of free product updates
  • Excellent user support. We go all the way when solving our users' problems.

SQL Server Management Studio Integration

Data Compare for SQL Server is supplied as a standalone application. However the package includes an add-in for the standard SQL Server administration tool - Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Integrating Data Compare in SSMS allows you to launch your comparison directly from the Object Explorer context menu as well as from the SSMS main menu.

Launching Data Comparison from Object Explorer

In order to launch a new data comparison, do the following:

  • Open MS SQL Server Management Studio
  • Connect to a database server
  • Choose a source database and right-click on its title
  • Choose the New Data Comparison option from the Object Explorer context menu
  • A new window containing data comparison wizard will be opened. Customize your comparison and click Compare to launch the data comparison tool for sql server.

Launching Comparison from SSMS Main Menu

In order to launch a new data comparison, do the following:

  • Open MS SQL Server Management Studio
  • Connect to a database server
  • Click Tools and choose Devart dbForge Data Compare
  • Choose your source and a target database and click Compare

Part of dbForge Studio for SQL Server

If you need data comparison functionality together with functionality for performing other database-related tasks, try out dbForge Studio for SQL Server, Professional Edition — management and administration tool for SQL Server.

Need a tool for schema comparison? Check out dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server

What people say

I compared your product against several competing products as part of a consulting project for a client and found your product to be highly functional and well designed and at a price point well below competing software at a similar level. It fits nearly all of their needs and was a clear choice to recommend above the others. Kudos on a quality piece of software.

Kevin Locke, Digital Engine Software

Thanks for providing such great products on SQL Server and making life easier.

Santhosh, freelance developer