Format SQL Code

Create new code formatting profiles or customize the existing ones according to your needs. Fine-tune your formatting style to improve code readability and introduce unified code standards within your company

Design Databases

Visually design new databases and analyze the structure of existing ones, track logical relations between tables, export database diagrams to images, edit table data, rebuild tables, configure database options, and more

Data Export/Import

Easily migrate SQL data to and from the most widely-used data formats. Customize and manage the migration process, create templates, specify error processing options, and write reports to log files

Compare and Sync DB

Set up flawless SQL database comparison, quickly analyze SQL data differences, compare static data against a version-controlled database, and smoothly synchronize data with the help of a convenient wizard

Query Profiler

Find the slowest nodes in your queries by analyzing visual representations of query plans, detect potential bottlenecks, see EXPLAIN results returned by executed queries, and browse the full history of profiling results


Perform full backups of databases of any size, backup databases from one server and restore it on another one, generate backup files, and take full control over the backup process by customizing it to your needs

Everything you need to ensure robust database development

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