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Searching for the tools that will suit all your needs may be a challenging task. To help you make the right choice, the Devart team introduced free SQL Tools that offer a comprehensive set of database tools on a free basis.

Free SQL Tools are best for coping with different database development, management, reporting, analysis, and monitoring operations. They cover a wide range of functions, thus, enabling you to achieve the best result and ensure flexibility.

With dbForge free SQL Tools, you won't get worried about how to save plenty of time on performing daily tasks, double productivity, enhance database and server performance, make code more accurate and free of errors, analyze and resolve performance issues - that is all they do!

SQL Server IDE

Use a universal integrated development environment to stay focused on SQL Server database development and management.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Manage users and permissions securely, export/import data, back up and restore databases, visually build queries, design database structures visually, and automatically complete SQL code in an easy-to-use UI.

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Database Development

Enjoy an easy-to-use GUI to set up database development properly and perform other common tasks efficiently.

dbForge SQL Complete Express

A unique SQL tool free for download that offers extended SSMS IntelliSense-style SQL code autocompletion and SQL formatting for SSMS and Visual Studio to make code writing more accurate and faster, improve code readability and productivity.

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dbForge SQL Search

The only and one free SSMS add-in for a quick and simple search for SQL objects, data, and text in multiple databases to make the search process and object navigation more suitable, productive, and efficient to you.

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Database Administration

Work with monitoring and analysis tools to improve database and server performance, fix issues, and reduce workload.

dbForge Monitor

Get a full picture of database performance by monitoring all operations on the server and analyzing different metrics. Improve response time and efficiency, locate and troubleshoot issues that may cause poor performance or downtime.

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dbForge Event Profiler

Simplify the scanning of the SQL Server instances and tracing their activity. Collect and analyze server events to resolve server-based issues and identify the impact queries have on server performance and resource usage.

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Database Decryption

Easily decrypt the encrypted SQL Server stored procedures, views, triggers, and functions without DAC connection.

dbForge SQL Decryptor

A top-notch free tool to view and update the encrypted statement of the database object, save a DDL script to the file with UTF-8 encoding or decrypt in-place. Perform batch decryption and save the decrypted objects to the output file.

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