Core Lab Releases OraDeveloper Studio 2.00

Latest version adds project management, advanced coding aids, and database search.

December 7, 2006 - Core Lab Software Development has announced the release of a new version of OraDeveloper Studio, a database development environment for Oracle. OraDeveloper Studio 2.00 adds a project management framework, a PL/SQL debugger, comprehensive database search, and a collection of handy scripting and administration features.

OraDeveloper Studio is a comprehensive IDE that streamlines the Oracle development process and presents a unversal interface for managing Oracle databases, designing queries, and developing SQL and PL/SQL programs. The new release is specifically targeted at enhancing PL/SQL development and introduces advanced debugging, scripting, and project management support.

The most important new feature of OraDeveloper Studio 2.00 is the updated scripting and coding environment.The new version introduces a fully functional PL/SQL debugger with breakpoints, call stack and variable watch support. The code editor is enhanced with context-sensitive syntax coloring, statement outlining, and region hiding. A large collection of code templates and optimized code completion and parameter information features work together to make working with source objectsand adding scripts easier. Scripting support now includes mouse-over information for source variables and schema objects. An extremely useful innovation is code navigation support.

Another goal of the new release is to make it easier to work with large databases and manage database developments. OraDeveloper Studio 2.00 allows developers to bookmark key schema objects and introduces an integrated project management framework for organizing related scripts and schema objects into easily accessible projects. Database projects with OraDeveloper Studio can be compiled, executed, deployed in any specified order, and exported to a single script.

To allow users to perform basic database administration tasks, the second version has added several nifty management wizards and monitors. New components include a built-in Security Manager for managing profiles, granting and revoking roles and privileges, and updating user accounts directly from the OraDeveloper Studio interface, a Session Manager for controlling and analyzing user sessions, and an Event Monitor for interchanging signals between database connections.

The new release also expands support for performing everyday object management tasks. It includes XML schema and Materialized View support and adds point-and-click object duplication, database backup, and full text, source, and object search.

OraDeveloper Studio 2.00 is compatible with Oracle 8.0, 8i, 9i, and 10g, and supports both client and direct access connection modes. OraDeveloper Studio is a standalone application that runs with the .NET Framework.

Application developers: Access product functionality from your coding environment with OraDeveloper Tools 2.00, an extension package for Visual Studio and Delphi. For more technical details, please consult

Pricing and Availability

OraDeveloper Studio 2.00 is available immediately. The full edition price is $99.95. A free trial version can be downloaded from OraDeveloper Studio comes with full documentation and an extensive collection of tutorials. The full edition license includes one year of free technical support.

About Core Lab

Core Lab Software Development is an international company which entered the database connectivity market in 1998 with an optimized line of VCL data access components. Since then it has expanded its product line to include ADO.NET and BDP.NET providers, dbExpress drivers, Direct Access Components, IDE add-ins, and comprehensive development tools for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other databases. Core Lab emphasizes an optimized approach to data management and is a leading provider of high-quality connectivity solutions for application developers and database professionals.

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