dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server 1.00 Released!

February 02, 2009

Devart development team is glad to present dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server 1.00, the first product in dbForge product line for SQL Server.

dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server is a new robust tool that meets all requirements of modern data comparison and synchronization in SQL Server databases and walks you through well-known complicated situations during these processes. The new product's functionality is far from simply automating routine comparison and synchronization tasks. It is aimed at expanding your control over data handling, making it clear, accurate, and safe.

The key features of Data Compare for SQL Server 1.00 include the following:

  • Highly customizable database object mapping
  • Data Compare for SQL Server 1.00 provides both automatic and manual (custom) mapping of schemas, tables, views, and columns. You can use custom mapping to map schemas or database objects that can't be mapped automatically.
  • Convenient view of data differences
  • Handling data comparison results is easy and quick, as they are conveniently displayed in the Data Comparison document. Database objects can be filtered by the differences.
  • Detailed control over which data to synchronize
  • After comparison you can easily exclude tables or individual records from synchronization.
  • Easy to use Data Synchronization wizard
  • Data Synchronization wizard allows you to easily tune synchronization settings. You can backup target database before synchronization. Updates can be immediately applied to the target database or saved as SQL script.
  • Warnings on possible data loss and various notifications
  • Before synchronization you will be warned if errors or data loss may occur because of types incompatibility. Also you will be notified about data overflow, roundings, etc.
  • Large script execution
  • Data Compare for SQL Server 1.00 executes large scripts with Execute Script wizard without opening files in the editor and without loading the whole files into memory.
  • Enhanced working with data
  • You will get new opportunities for analyzing and processing received data the best way. With Data Compare for SQL Server 1.00 you can do the following:
    • Group, filter, and sort data in the grid
    • View data rows as neat cards
    • Display large bulks of data in the paginal mode
    • Work with binary and long text data fields using LOB (Large Object) windows
    • Find the required data using the auto-search mode
    • The data editor gives you a full control of the data update process with both cached and write-through update modes.
  • Friendly UI
  • Data Compare for SQL Server 1.00 provides a good look and feel, so you will quickly learn how to use the product to your advantage.

Download dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server 1.00 and see the benefits.

Go to Data Compare Feedback Page and tell us what you think about the new product. We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.