Devart Unveils Free Oracle Data Compare Tool for High Speed and Adjustable Comparison

August 12, 2010

Devart today unveiled a new data comparison tool, dbForge Data Compare for Oracle. It delivers automatic data comparison in Oracle databases, provides a convenient GUI to manage the differences, and generates SQL*Plus-compatible synchronization script to synchronize the data.

Quick Comparison for Free

At the heart of the new tool there is extensive experience in delivering SQL Server and MySQL data comparison tools. dbForge Data Compare for Oracle has a thoroughly designed graphical interface to eliminate the slightest misunderstanding and false steps. Wizards, quick and clear tools of dbForge Data Compare for Oracle, allow customization and full control of data comparison and synchronization, providing a desired result without much skills and any efforts.

Being a free tool, dbForge Data Compare for Oracle is the most affordable way to enjoy automatic data comparison and synchronization in Oracle databases. Wide support of Oracle databases (11g, 10g, 9i, 8i, 7.3) and high-speed automatic comparison remove all the anxiety and errors that usually follow this process, delivering an absolutely clear, fast and pleasant way of Oracle database comparison.

Tool to Save Even a Second

Created with the idea of a handy tool, the new dbForge Data Compare for Oracle uses any opportunity to save even a minute, and dramatically optimize comparison and synchronization. It has a start page with the list of previous comparisons that can be recompared with a click, allows saving comparison settings as comparison projects for the next usage, and automatically groups comparison results by status to reduce time for analysis.

Devart packs great features, excellent performance, and pleasure into a free tool to offer any Oracle database developer make the most of Oracle database capabilities.

Download dbForge Data Compare for Oracle for free to try a professional tool with your database.

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