Early Access Preview of a New Backup Tool for SQL Azure!

October 24, 2011

Devart Team is glad to announce the early access preview of our new product dbForge SQL Azure Backup - a GUI tool for creating backup copies of SQL Azure database to local drive, SQL Server, or Azure Blob Storage for development or archive purposes.

Main Features Highlights

The product offers the following functionality:

  • Transparent backup format

    The tool creates a backup as a ZIP archive with SQL scripts. You can run this file using any tool like SSMS or sqlcmd, and this means that your database can be restored in any environment.

  • Charge-free bandwidth

    You don't have to pay when SQL Azure and the deployed service are in the same region. So, you'll have to pay only for storing backups on Blob Storage.

  • Less space = less expenses

    As the size of zipped T-SQL scripts is much smaller than that of the original database .mdf file compressed with ZIP or compressed backup .bak file, you will reduce your monthly expenses on files storage.

  • Periodical backup by schedule

    You can configure the service for Windows Azure to periodically make backup of a database. You can specify the lifetime of a backup file so that the service will delete them to free up the space on Blob Storage and as a result save your money.


You can try out the early access preview of dbForge SQL Azure Backup at its download page for free.

To leave feedback, users can go to the dbForge SQL Azure Backup feedback page. The Devart team is looking forward to receiving any comments and suggestions.