Review Assistant v2.5

Review Assistant v2.5 — Speed, Security, and Service

June 5, 2014

Devart proudly announces the release of a new version of our peer code review tool — Review Assistant v2.5. Three main accents were made while developing the new version of Review Assistant, they are: speed, security and service.

We invested considerable efforts in improving Review Assistant features such as:

  • Enhanced operational performance.
  • Secure client/server connection.
  • Fixed UX issues.

Review Assistant 2.5 Major Changes

Faster Review Server

We have boosted the Review Assistant Server up to 50%. Our efforts on the performance optimization were motivated by customers' requests — big companies with plans to deploy a server for several hundred developers. Notwithstanding that the server performance was fine, we decided to improve it.

Secure Connections

By popular demand, we have implemented secure client/server connection (SSL). This feature is essential for the distributed development teams, when the connection to the Review Assistant server is established via a public network.

Work Without Visual Studio

You can install the Review Assistant (client) on the PC without Visual Studio. Thus, project managers that have no access to Visual Studio will be able to track and monitor the code review process. It is now possible due to Visual Studio Shell integration. The product installation will download and install the Visual Studio Integrated Shell.

Simultaneous Work with Multiple Projects Gets More Convenient

We received a lot of feedback from our users on inconvenient context-switching process, while working with multiple projects. The new product version introduces several essential improvements:

  • Now a user can simultaneously see all accessible reviews from multiple projects.
  • Ability to switch a project from Code Review Board.

Pre-Commit Code Review Policy for TFS

Review Assistant (client) now includes a custom check-in policy for TFS. It is used to control that all changes pass code review before the check-in into a version control system. Our blog unveils the custom check-in policy implementation.

Options for Email Notifications

A user profile now includes the 'Email notification level' setting. You can use it to adjust notification preferences.

Large Code Reviews are Better Now

We have improved the code review process for large changes.

  • For reviews with 300+ comments, Review Assistant (client) performance is significantly improved.
  • A list of review files is hierarchical now. Files are grouped by directories.

Other Improvements

  • While executing the Replace Recent Revisions command, in the select revisions dialog, the files highlighting recovers.
  • While creating a review based on a TFS shelveset, the shelveset name is used as a review title (if there are no comments).
  • The product registration is available via the client UI.
  • The installation creates a shortcut to run the client. This helps you to get started quickly.
  • Now you can add a user from the Active Directory by double-clicking.


Learn more about the prices and available bundles of the add-in at the Review Assistant purchase page.

Download the full-featured free version of Review Assistant, which includes a 30-day trial for unlimited users.

Visit our UserVoice forum to see what features will be implemented in the next release. Also, you can share your own ideas about new features you want to see in Review Assistant.