dbForge tools to build an effective DevOps pipeline

Generally, a DevOps pipeline comprises a selection of automation tools, processes, and techniques that help your teams collaborate on developing and testing databases, as well as deploying them to your production environments—all on an ongoing basis.

dbForge delivers an integrated toolchain for SQL Server databases that covers every phase of the DevOps lifecycle, taking your database development to an entirely new level.

What is a DevOps tool?

In the context of databases, a DevOps tool is a specialized application that focuses on the automation and eventual shortening of the database development cycle. It aims to enhance collaboration between product management, development, and operations teams, reducing manual work wherever possible. In the end, the business goal of applying DevOps tools is to accelerate effective software delivery, thus reduce time to market.

A DevOps toolchain can either be based on a single database solution that does not integrate with third-party tools and includes all the services you may require; or, alternatively, you can take a freely available database IDE (e.g., SSMS for SQL Server databases) and extend it with a variety of add-ins to fit your workflow. The latter case is perfectly illustrated with dbForge SQL Tools, a bundle of 15 apps and SSMS add-ins that help you set up an effective DevOps pipeline for SQL Server databases.

Phases of the DevOps pipeline

Under a solution called dbForge DevOps Automation, you can set up and automate every phase of your SQL Server DevOps pipeline.

Note how other apps and add-ins from the SQL Tools bundle take part in this pipeline and cover every aspect of database development, management, and administration. Moreover, dbForge DevOps Automation is compatible with all major CI/CD systems.

List of dbForge tools that can be involved in your DevOps pipeline

Get the most suitable solution for your SQL Server DevOps

Maximize your SSMS workspace

dbForge SQL Tools

A hefty bundle of 15 tools, designed to complement SSMS and boost the productivity of SQL Server developers and administrators by 50%-400%, depending on the particular task.
Your ultimate IDE

dbForge Studio

Your integrated environment for SQL Server development, administration, test data generation, database comparison and synchronization, data analysis, and reporting.