IDE for Azure SQL Database Management

dbForge Studio for SQL Server is a powerful GUI tool that streamlines Azure SQL database development and management. It contains a set of versatile tools that help you handle any database-related task.

dbForge Studio facilitates and automates the daily routine of SQL developers and DBAs, and offers broader capabilities than those of SSMS.

You don't have to waste time searching for and purchasing SSMS plugins across the Internet to get your work done. dbForge Studio delivers everything you need in a single application.

  • Start typing your SQL code, and the context-aware code completion will immediately suggest valid statements and objects while writing queries
    to an Azure SQL database
  • Manage Azure SQL user accounts with Security Manager
  • Edit, filter, sort, and copy Azure SQL data
  • Compare Azure SQL table data, analyze differences, and deploy them effortlessly using synchronization scripts
  • Compare and synchronize Azure SQL database schemas
  • Fill Azure SQL databases with external source data and migrate your data between systems
  • Design any kind of Azure SQL data reports with a slew of handy tools that include charts and pivot tables
  • Cluster logically related Azure SQL database objects using containers, and export created diagrams to various formats, including EMF
  • Perform all of these operations with a clean and intuitive user interface

How to connect to Azure SQL

After installation, the dbForge Studio for SQL Server icon appears on the desktop.

Unless activated, dbForge Studio for SQL Server works on a trial basis for 30 days. When this period expires, you can activate the product with the purchased activation key. To check the current status of your trial period or the status of your license, on the dbForge Studio menu, go to Help, and then click About.

Get the most out of Azure SQL databases

Security Manager

dbForge Studio for SQL Server provides powerful administration tools that meet the most stringent requirements of DBAs. One of the built-in tools, called Security Manager, helps you handle user accounts and permissions with ease.

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Intelligent code completion

Write your SQL code faster with dbForge Studio for SQL Server. This Azure SQL GUI tool displays the most relevant suggestions as you type. Also, if you start entering the first characters of a database object name, dbForge Studio for SQL Server finds and offers the required match instantly.

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Azure SQL data editing

You will enjoy managing tabular data using dbForge Studio for SQL Server. It provides you with convenient editing, filtering, sorting, and copying of randomly selected cells, quick data export to INSERT query, and many other features for better productivity.

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Data reporting

dbForge Studio for SQL Server includes the SQL Report Builder that you can use to create visual SQL data reports in 9 different formats. Also, it's possible to automate the report delivery with the command-line interface. It helps you keep your performance high at all times.

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Leading companies choose dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Microsoft Corporation
Chevron Corporation
The Procter and Gamble Company
Steel Dynamics, Inc.
The Kroger company
XPO Logistics, Inc.
The International Paper Company

Awards & Recognition

dbForge solutions have been consistently recognized for quality, reliability, and practical value delivered under sleek user interfaces

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