dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server

Generate Values Based on Regular Expressions with dbForge Data Generator 2.0

June 11, 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server v2.0.

The new version comes with improved data population performance, and includes 10+ new generators and support of command-line interface.

Multiple customizable generators

New generators provide more ways to populate tables with various types of values. The release includes the following generators:

  • Regular Expression - generates values based on regular expressions
  • Weighted Lists - generates values from a simple (or regexp, or nested, or ranged) values list with specified frequency of occurrence
  • SQL Query - generates values from a custom query
  • Table or View - generates values from a table or view
  • Text File - generates values from a specified text file
  • Files Folder - generates values by retrieving documents content from a specified folder
  • Shuffled Text - generates dummy text by shuffling words in a specified text
  • Lorem Ipsum - generates dummy text with some characteristics of a real written text

Other Features and Improvements

  • Support of command-line interface
  • Significantly increased data population performance


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