Dino Hunt

The Dino Hunt is On

August 3, 2015

As it has become a tradition for summer season, prices on ALL Devart products are dropping dramatically. This year is no exception — 20% discounts* are already waiting for you!

What is more, Devart team is glad to announce a new summer quest!

It turns out, our website is swarmed with dinosaurs. Yeah, you read that right – dinosaurs... on the website. Don't ask us how this happened, it just happened.

Now, we ask all Devart friends to help us find those beasts. They hide in text on random pages of the website. Find as many dinos as you can, and we will reward you with great prizes and additional discounts for your courage and vigilance.

Here are the conditions:

  • find 1-5 dinosaurs – receive +10% discount**
  • find 6-10 dinosaurs – receive +20% discount**
  • find 11-29 dinosaurs – receive +50% discount**
  • find all 30 dinosaurs – receive a FREE license + a FREE 3-month subscription

Every time you find a dinosaur on a page, make a screenshot of the page. Be sure that a dinosaur is clearly visible on the screenshot. You may combine all your screenshots into single collage and e-mail it to us.

But wait...there's more! Till the end of August, you have a great chance to get Devart SQL tools absolutely for FREE by upgrading from competing ones.

Let the hunt begin and may the fortune smile on you!


* Discounts are available until August 31, 2015 for new single licenses only. Discounts cannot be stacked up.

** Additional discount to the general 20% off the regular price.