New Versions of Devart ADO.NET Providers with Numerous New Features!

December 8, 2016

Devart is glad to announce the new versions of our ADO.NET providers - enhanced database connectivity solutions for databases and cloud applications, built over the ADO.NET architecture, that support Entity Framework and LinqConnect ORM solutions. New versions of dotConnect data providers offer you support for Database-First approach in Entity Framework Core via Package Manager Console, support for JSON functionality of Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL in Entity Framework, Oracle Advanced Security support in the Direct mode, and other features.

Entity Framework Core Database-First Support

Entity Framework Core supports the Database-First approach via the Scaffold-DbContext command of Package Manager Console. This command scaffolds a DbContext and entity type classes for a specified database.

Now dotConnect providers with Entity Framework Core support also support this command allowing you to quickly generate context and entity classes for an existing schema. In order for the database-first functionality to work, add the Devart.Data.<data source>Entity.EFCore.Design.dll assembly to the project references in addition to other necessary provider assemblies.

JSON Functionality Support in Entity Framework

dotConnect for Oracle, dotConnect for MySQL, and dotConnect for PostgreSQL now support the JSON functionality of the corresponding databases in Entity Framework v4 - v6.

With the new provider versions you will be able to use JSON-specific functions in your LINQ to Entities queries. For the list of the supported functions and examples of how to use them, you can read our blog article: JSON Support in Entity Framework v4 ? v6 in dotConnect for Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Oracle Advanced Security Support in the Direct Mode

The new version of dotConnect for Oracle supports Oracle Advanced Security Data Encryption and Oracle Advanced Security Data Integrity in the Direct mode. This also means that with the new version of dotConnect for Oracle you can connect to Oracle Data Cloud in the Direct mode without the need of Oracle Client software.

Other Improvements

For the providers that support Entity Framework, we have added Batch Updates support in Entity Framework Core, which will improve their performance. Additionally, all our ADO.NET providers can now be installed without adding their assemblies to the GAC automatically.

If you need another feature in our providers, visit our forum at UserVoice and vote for suggested features or suggest your own one.

List of Providers with New Versions


If you wish to provide feedback on the new versions, you can do it in our forums or with contact form. There is also a feedback form in the support zone of every product. We are always glad to hear your comments and take into account your development needs.