Review Assistant 3.5 moves to SQL Server

Review Assistant Moved from SQLite to
SQL Server

October 19, 2016

In this release of Review Assistant 3.5, the major modification happened to the server portion - Review Assistant server now uses Microsoft's SQL Server for the back-end database.

Why Move to SQL Server?

The previous versions of Review Assistant have been successfully using SQLite as a database engine. SQLite is fast and reliable, it requires no configuration and maintenance and works fine for small teams.

As of late, our customers' teams increased greatly revealing the performance issue of SQLite server caused by concurrent work of a large number of users.

With SQL Server as a database engine for Review Assistant, we expect our customers to notice an improved performance of the tool.

Other improvements

  • Any comment in a review can be marked as fixed.
  • In a simple review workflow, reviewers can close a review after code is accepted.
  • The "search-as-you-type" suggestion appears when adding users to a project.
  • On the Code Review Board, the projects in the drop-down list are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Working with a long list of comments in a review became faster.

All the new features of Review Assisant 3.5 are described in detail on the What's New page.


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