Skyvia 4.2 with greatly improved cloud backup tool for Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Zoho CRM, and many other cloud applications!

Skyvia 4.2 with Greatly Improved Backup!

July 27, 2016

Devart is glad to present the new 4.2 version of Skyvia — our online service for cloud data integration, backup, and management. The new Skyvia version offers lots of new features for Backup - cloud data backup for Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Zoho CRM, and many other cloud applications. New functionality makes backed up data available in Data Integration and Query products and allows you to see and browse data relations between backed up records.

Browsing Data Relations

The new Skyvia version provides a new Record Preview page that conveniently displays all the field values of a record and all the related records. If this record has foreign keys, these foreign keys are displayed as links to the corresponding referenced records. This page allows you to quickly browse by record relations and select all the related records easily.

Using Backed Up Data in Query and Data Integration

Skyvia Query enables you to use visual query builder or SQL to create custom queries to your backed up data with complex joins, filters, aggregations, grouping, etc. The result data can be viewed as tables or charts.

With Data Integration tools applied to the backed up data, you can perform custom restore operations with data filtering, expressions, etc. Additionally you will be able to perform advanced export of your backed up data to CSV files and even automatically run such export on a schedule.


In the version 4.2 we introduce pricing for Skyvia Backup. Skyvia can back up various data sources, and to make pricing easier to understand regardless of the data source, our pricing plans differ in storage space available. You can backup as many sources as you need, and as many connections as you need regardless of a pricing plan, and the only limit is storage space used. There is a free plan limited to 1 GB of storage. You can see more details on our Pricing page. Data Integration in Skyvia remains free for now. Skyvia is available at