dbForge Studio for SQL Server

The new version of dbForge Studio for SQL Server v5.2 now supports SQL Server 2016

June 24, 2016

We are glad to announce the new release of dbForge Studio for SQL Server v5.2, the tool for SQL Server management and development.

The new version supports SQL Server 2016 and includes a bunch of new features and improvements for database architects, developers, and DBAs, including redesigned Database Search, improved Schema Comparison, enhanced Data Generator, and more.

New Features and Improvements

  • SQL Server 2016 support
  • Totally redesigned Database Search (objects and data)
  • Redesigned Visual Table Editor
  • Visual View Editor
  • Improved SQL Completion:
    • Objects suggestions in CROSS/OUTER APPLY statement
    • Suggestion of compound phrases
    • Improved suggestion performance
    • Several Formatter options and profiles
  • Improved and enhanced Schema Comparison Tool
  • Improved Source Control:
    • Support for version control command-line client
    • Plastic SCM predefined template
    • Undo Local Changes
  • Improved Data Generation:
    • Updated RegExp and Python generators
    • JSON generator
    • Check Constraint generator
    • 15+ new meaningful generators
  • Command-line interface for index management


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