SQL Server 2016 Business Intelligence Support

SQL Server 2016 Business Intelligence Support in dotConnect Providers and SSIS Components from Devart!

June 9, 2016

Devart is glad to announce the new versions of our ADO.NET providers and SSIS Data Flow Components with support for SQL Server 2016 Business Intelligence.

Now you can use SSIS components from these products in Integration Services packages, targeted for SQL Server 2016 and develop them with Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2015. dotConnect providers that support BIS can now be used in Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and Integration Services projects targeting SQL Server 2016.

Enjoy the latest Business Intelligence features of SQL Server 2016 with new versions of Devart products! Now you can use Devart components and in your Integration Packages for different SQL Server versions from one IDE version, debug them with ease because of new SQL Server 2016 Integration Services debugging features, and many more.

Get the new versions of our products!


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