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Upgraded Tmetric with Tags, Browser Extension UI and More!

TMetric Gets Time Tags and Browser Extension UI

April 21, 2016

Meet a new update of TMetric – the Devart's work-time tracking app for IT-professionals and companies.

We have enriched TMetric with a number of useful features that can help you streamline your working process without getting distracted to routine time management issues – TMetric will do them for you!

Feature Highlights


Tags are for categorizing your working time. Tags let you break-down a task into smaller stages and label them. A project manager can then apply tags filter in a report to find out the amount of time spent on a certain category of tasks within a project. Check how you can use tags.

Editing User Profile

If you are the administrator or owner of an account, you can modify user profile data. If a user works in multiple accounts, you can change only those user settings that belong to your account – an access level and team. The user will be notified on the changes to their profile.

Browser Extension UI

Now, the TMetric extension in your favorite browser has a pop-up dialog box, which is simple and easy to use. This dialog box allows you to start a new task, stop a task, fix a long-running timer, login to TMetric, and more directly from your browser. Check new browser extension UI.

TMetric is FREE!

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