New SecureBridge Components

Meet SecureBridge 7.3 release with improved TLS support!

Jan 16, 2017

We proudly announce the new version of SecureBridge components including such significant features as:

  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography cipher suites is supported

  • TScSSLClient.ClientHelloExtensions property allowing to add additional information to the client hello message is added

  • TScSSLClient.ServerHelloExtensions property for additional information processing from the server hello message is added

  • TTLSServerNameExtension class for support the server name indication extension is added

  • TTLSExtendedMasterSecretExtension class for support the session hash and extended master secret extension is added

  • TTLSSignatureAlgorithmsExtension class for support the signature algorithms extension is added

  • TTLSEllipticCurvePointFormatsExtension and TTLSEllipticCurvesExtension classes for setting supported Elliptic Curves algorithms is added

  • TTLSRenegotiationIndicationExtension for support the renegotiation indication extension is added

And some other features are added, you can find their description on the product page.

You can try the new version here: [Download]   [History]

If you wish to provide feedback on the new versions, you can do it on our forums or by e-mail. There is also feedback form in the support zone of every product. We are always glad to have your comments and take into account your development needs.