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dbForge offers a rich variety of database solutions for developers, DBAs, and data analysts — in fact, for everyone who works with databases one way or another. And the main thing here is to make their daily work easier, help them get rid of monotonous operations, and focus on things that require due attention. This is one of the key ideas of dbForge products — to introduce automation wherever possible, from minor recurring tasks (such as data import/export or, say, database backups) to full-fledged CI/CD cycles that take database development and deployment to a whole new level.

dbForge instruments help you automate a broad range of database development and management tasks:
  • Synchronizing changes in schemas according to object dependencies
  • Migrating data safely across various environments
  • Intelligently generating realistic test data
  • Quickly producing up-to-date documentation for databases
  • Delivering detailed data reports
  • Defragmenting indexes and getting advice on rebuilding or reorganizing them for optimization
  • Scheduling unit tests for execution
  • Automatically backing up and recovering databases
  • Facilitating easy data transfers from third-party sources
  • Making updates to source data directly from the software
  • Establishing a robust and consistent DevOps cycle

What can you achieve by adopting dbForge tools?


Streamlined workflow

Many companies and individuals optimized their database operations with dbForge tools. They greatly reduced the time required for manual tasks with Devart ODBC Drivers.

Up to 16x

Faster data migration

You can drastically minimize the time spent on transferring data between different sources and targets using dbForge solutions and countless ODBC Drivers.


Quick database testing

How about speeding up the testing process? It has never been easier to do that by writing unit tests in regular T-SQL and automating their execution from the command line.

Up to 3x

Speedy reporting

dbForge solutions will help you summarize and visualize data in pivot tables, observe related data in Master-Detail Browser, and save lots of time with automated reporting. Also, you can preview and send created reports via email.


Time saved on
database administration

DBAs can save tons of time on routine administration and maintenance. Our users note that their daily tasks started taking about two-thirds less time with dbForge products.


Faster database delivery

Make dbForge instruments a part of your Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery cycle and release your updates swiftly, with a better focus on quality. Use an effective approach for managing the database lifecycle.

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Here are the tools and features that will help you automate your operations

Schema Compare Schema Compare
Data Compare Data Compare
Test Data Generator Test Data Generator
Data Pump Data Pump
Documenter Documenter
Unit Test Unit Test
Index Manager Index Manager
DevOps Automation DevOps Automation
ODBC Drivers for databases and cloud sources ODBC Drivers for databases and cloud sources

What our clients say

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Supported database management systems

The dbForge product line focuses on the four major database systems. For each of them, we offer a feature-rich independent IDE, which covers a variety of database development and administration tasks, as well as minor standalone applications and add-ins with a narrow focus (including, but not limited to fast SQL coding, visual query building, and database comparison). Alternatively, we can offer a four-in-one solution for all of these database systems. With the solutions, you will be versatile and productive at once.

Pick the DBMS you need and explore the capabilities of dbForge products!

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