Advanced Autocompletion, Pretty SQL Formatting, Smart Code Refactoring

SQL Complete is an advanced solution for SQL database development, management, and administration. Available as an add-in for Visual Studio and SSMS, the tool offers excellent autocompletion capabilities.

Write, beautify, refactor your SQL code and give your productivity a dramatic boost with the features that are included in SQL Complete but are unavailable in SSMS and Visual Studio IntelliSense.

What do you get with dbForge SQL Complete?

Boost your coding productivity

dbForge SQL Complete is designed to drastically increase your coding speed, help you produce more output, and reduce the number of accidental syntax errors.

What is more, most of these benefits have an immediate effect. SQL Complete offers valid context-specific suggestions to speed up your query writing. During typing, it conveniently leads you through the syntax of SQL queries and commands.

The most notable features that help you boost coding productivity include statement suggestions, statement expansion, simplified code navigation, and quick information on database objects.

Reuse code modules

Since code reuse is essential to the efficiency of a developer's work, SQL Complete provides you with a collection of predefined code modules (snippets) and an opportunity to create your own custom snippets from any block of code, as well as easily share them with your teammates via GitHub.

The most obvious benefit is that you don't have to search for scripts elsewhere or retype code over and over. Your job simply gets done faster.

Moreover, the standardization of code structures and modules enables faster and more accurate investigation, testing, and resolution of issues.

Improve code quality

SQL Complete offers conveniently accessible refactoring tools that help you improve code quality, make it easier to understand, and refine the design of code objects and entire databases. These tools allow renaming database objects, variables, and aliases, as well as finding invalid objects.

The killer feature of SQL Complete is T-SQL Debugger, designed to troubleshoot T-SQL scripts, stored procedures, triggers, and functions. This debugger allows observing the runtime behavior of database objects and locating logic errors. It supports step-by-step execution, call stack browsing, breakpoints, and watches.

Unify SQL standards across your company

Consistency makes it easy to read, understand, review, and share code with your team. The SQL Complete Formatter helps keep your code consistent with a number of options, including wizard-aided bulk formatting, noformat tags, predefined profiles, database identifier case synchronization, word recognition in CamelCase identifiers, and other options of automated formatting, designed to simplify and speed up your operations.

What you eventually get is increased efficiency of code reviews, faster troubleshooting, and overall improved productivity of your teamwork.

Work safely with session restoration

Keeping your work safe has never been easier with the session restoration features of SQL Complete. They help minimize or completely avoid loss of code or data, recover sessions, and quickly take action in case of emergency.

The available features include safe restoration of entire document sessions, quick restoration of the last closed document, as well as such handy tools as execution warnings, transaction reminders, and execution history.

Operate with data effortlessly

SQL Complete helps you search, copy, and visualize data represented in the SSMS results grid, as well as work with this data in a variety of ways.

For instance, you can search for the required data across the results grid without having to write queries to refine search results. You can generate scripts directly from the results grid. It is also very easy to copy data from a cell or an entire table in the results grid to clipboard or to CSV, XML, HTML, and JSON files.

Finally, you get data aggregation, which is designed to help calculate sums and average values in the received data sets. This is far quicker and simpler than using spreadsheets for the same purpose.

SQL Complete killer feature that SSMS lacks since v18

T-SQL Debugger
  • Debug SQL code directly from SSMS
  • Observe and analyze the run-time behavior of database objects
  • Locate and eliminate logic errors
  • Set breakpoints
  • View call stacks and watches

See the formatting capabilities of SQL Complete in action

SQL Complete helps you create, customize, and switch between formatting styles, share them with your colleagues, as well as manage and easily format SQL scripts by applying various formatting options. And if you want to get some firsthand experience, feel free to download SQL Complete for a free trial.

Formatting profiles

View all features

Unlock the tangible value of SQL Complete

faster SQL coding
SQL Complete helps developers work much faster by offering smart context-based prompts. A smallest hint is enough for SQL Complete to guess what you are trying to write.
average daily output
SQL Complete is just as excellent at increasing the daily performance of a database developer. If you need to produce more output, SQL Complete will make it an easy task.
reduction of syntax errors
SQL Complete effectively fights syntax errors and poorly formatted SQL code. With over 1500 options at hand, you can easily format code according to your needs and preferences.

time saved on daily tasks

SQL Complete is designed to help DBAs save lots of time on managing databases. An average daily task handled with SQL Complete is noted to take over two-thirds less time.

control over SQL databases

The seamless integration of SQL Complete with SSMS, along with the multitude of features and the flexibility of settings, provides DBAs with full control over their SQL Server databases.

SQL Server & Azure Cloud support

Another benefit highlighted by our clients is that SQL Complete delivers support for Azure Cloud and makes work with it fast and effective, even with large databases involved.

single tool for all tasks

SQL Complete helps avoid doing any extra work or using any additional tools when writing queries of any complexity and allows data analysts to get results effortlessly.

faster reporting

Our clients note that the reporting features of SQL Complete and its tools for work with the SSMS results grid make it exceptionally useful to their business intelligence departments.

unified corporate code style

SQL Complete makes it easy to unify the SQL coding style across teams within a company. Therefore, increased readability of code paves the way to more effective teamwork.
up to 4X

productivity boost

Software companies use SQL Complete as part of their development cycle. And when it comes to developing database-centered solutions, SQL Complete proves invaluable.

more features than SSMS offers

SQL Complete is designed to fill all the gaps of the standard SQL Server Management Studio, and does so in a way that actually doubles its currently available functionality.

streamlined development workflow

SQL Complete easily eliminates SQL coding bottlenecks in the development workflow, and even speeds it up wherever possible, helping developers deliver clean and consistent code.
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SQL Complete Express - your free add-in for SSMS

Use SQL Complete Express

SQL Complete Express is your best bet...

  • ...if you are a newbie in SQL development looking for a free tool
  • ...if basic completion and formatting functionality fully meets your needs
  • ...if you are an enthusiast working for non-profit organizations such as universities, churches, educational institutions, municipalities, etc.
Express Edition

The FREE edition delivers:

  • Code completion for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, EXEC, and DELETE statements
  • Basic SQL formatting functionality
  • Smart filtering in the suggestion list
  • Parameter information for procedures and functions
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dbForge SQL Complete has been consistently recognized for quality, reliability, and practical value delivered under a sleek user interface
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