Support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery in SSIS Components from Devart!

Support for Popular Cloud Data Warehouse Solutions in SSIS Components from Devart!

January 12, 2018

Devart is glad to announce the new versions of our SSIS Data Flow Components with support for popular cloud data warehouses: Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery and Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Moreover, if you need SSIS Data Flow Components for multiple sources, now you can purchase them in bundles with a significant discount.

For each of the supported sources, Devart SSIS Data Flow Components include Source, Lookup, and Destination components along with the corresponding Connection Manager.

Optimized Destination Components

Destination components for cloud data warehouses use the most effective techniques of data import that employ powerful MPP capabilities of target warehouses. They automatically split data into multiple CSV file, upload them to the cloud storage of the corresponding warehouse provider, and import data from these files into a warehouse in parallel. For SQL Azure Data Warehouse this technique is called PolyBase; for Redshift - the COPY command is used.

All these actions are performed inside a destination component, completely transparent to user, eliminating the need to configure the process of export to CSV, uploading files, and importing data separately.

Convenient Source Components

Devart Source components provide convenient editors which allow you to quickly create a query to the data source. They conveniently display the list of the tables and their columns in the data warehouse and allow you to build a simple query via drag-n-drop.

High Performance Lookup Components

Devart Lookup components implement a number of optimizations that provide high performance data matching and loading.

SSIS Integration Bundles

We gladly announce the availability of SSIS Integration Bundles — an excellent way to purchase either all Devart SSIS Data Flow Components together or components only for databases or only for cloud apps, and get a huge discount in comparison to buying them separately.

SSIS Integration Bundles

Universal bundle

SSIS Integration Universal Bundle

17 $4049.15 $999.95
Database bundle

SSIS Integration Database Bundle

4 $799.80 $499.95
Cloud bundle

SSIS Integration Cloud Bundle

10 $2499.50 $749.95


You can download Devart SSIS Data Flow Components on our download page. Components for all supported data sources are installed with a single installation package. When you install Devart SSIS Data Flow Components for the first time you can evaluate them for a 30-day trial period.

After you evaluate Devart SSIS Data Flow Components, you can buy a license at our ordering page. You will be provided with the license keys for the sources that you have purchased the license for. Use these keys to register the add-ins.


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