Connect and Manage MySQL with a Visual Studio Add-in

A MySQL plugin for Visual Studio designed to automate and simplify MariaDB and MySQL database development and enhance data management capabilities. When you integrate it, all database development and administration tasks become available from the Visual Studio.

dbForge Fusion for MySQL provides an easier way to develop and maintain databases, design SQL statements and queries, and manipulate data in different ways.

  • Integration with dotConnect for MySQL
  • Automate debugging the code directly in the IDE
  • Develop database projects for MySQL offline
  • Write better code with automatic code completion and syntax checker
  • Optimize MySQL queries and analyze query performance for MySQL and MariaDB databases
  • Build, customize, and reverse-engineer database tables visually
  • Compare and analyze differences in data and schemas
  • Export and import data from/to multiple file formats

Why choose dbForge Fusion for MySQL

Code Debugger

Code Debugger

Save time, write better code, and detect runtime errors while debugging packages, stored procedures, functions, triggers.

Faster work in 25%

Your work becomes 25% faster

Increase your productivity by at least 25% while performing daily database-related tasks with dbForge products.

DB Designer

DB Designer

Design, analyze, and visualize your MariaDB and MySQL databases by dragging elements on database diagrams.

The exemplary IntelliSense improves SQL coding quality and speed by 45%

45% better SQL coding quality and speed

Maximize your productivity and improve code accuracy and readability by 45% with Intellisense-style SQL code completion.

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Grow your business with Devart – become our Enterprise client and get a customized package of MySQL management software, tailored to your business needs and demands.
  • Bonuses for corporate clients

    These may include fast and effective deployment, corporate budget optimization, and a number of special deals.
  • Dedicated manager

    We will save your time by providing a dedicated manager to consult you and guide you through all the purchasing and licensing processes.

Leading companies choose dbForge Fusion for MySQL

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dbForge Studio for MySQL

Cross-functional GUI for MySQL and MariaDB database development, management, and administration

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