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dbForge Studio for MySQL is a high-end IDE for MySQL and MariaDB, a comprehensive solution designed to make nearly every aspect of work with your databases quick and effortless. With its clean and intuitive GUI, the Studio proved to be a perfect fit for beginners and seasoned pros alike—and the wealth of its features covers the following tasks with ease and precision.

  • SQL Development
  • Database Design
  • Data Management
  • Database Management & Operations
  • Database Administration
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Automation

Here's everything you need to work with MySQL databases most effectively

Database Design

Designing databases for a new project or altering your existing database structures has never been easier. dbForge Studio has everything it takes to help you keep up with the growth of your database-centered software and the ever-evolving requirements for data storage and management.

Data Management

dbForge Studio for MySQL helps you ensure the integrity, security, and accessibility of your data. You get it with an inclusive set of features aimed at storing, organizing, editing, and migrating datasets of any size with next to no effort.

Database Management and Operations

dbForge Studio makes you just as fluent in managing, migrating, and deploying your entire MySQL and MariaDB databases in different environments. Streamlining database operations is one of the most vital steps towards easy optimization and scaling of your entire product development.

Database Administration

Your routine database administration becomes an extremely easy task with the Studio at hand. Its variegated toolset provides you with full control over server configuration and performance tuning, session monitoring, service management, and table maintenance.

Data Analysis & Reporting

The Studio will help you aggregate any amounts of data and scrutinize it to identify possible trends, patterns, and anomalies. Thus you can get actionable insights that can be translated into compelling data reports.


Last but not least, a huge bulk of the Studio's functionality offers extensive automation options. Using the standard command-line interface, you can easily automate recurring database operations to save your precious time and sharpen your focus on things that require your attention the most.

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The Studio's killer feature: MySQL Source Control

Looking to version-control MySQL and MariaDB databases? The Studio will be your best assistant here as well! Link your databases to the most popular version control systems, commit and revert changes with dependency awareness, perform fast comparisons of database versions, view and resolve conflicts in the easiest way—all directly from dbForge Studio.

Your most versatile cross-platform MySQL IDE

dbForge Studio for MySQL is one of the best GUI-powered MySQL clients on the market, available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Whatever your role is, the Studio has a robust feature set for you.

Overall team performance in data management
dbForge Studio for MySQL is an excellent solution for both individual users and entire teams operating with databases and actual data.
Faster query writing and database design
Everything you need to level up the speed and precision of your SQL coding and database modeling is right here, in an easy-to-use toolkit.
Productivity in routine database administration
Our users report a minimum 30% productivity growth when it comes to carrying out administration tasks with the Studio at hand.
Flexibility in database management
The Studio has everything to help you and your teammates create, deploy, manage, and safeguard your MySQL and MariaDB databases with ease.
Accuracy in SQL coding and database design
dbForge Studio for MySQL is your all-encompassing solution for writing clean SQL code and modeling new databases on diagrams.
Time saved on routine database deployment
According to our clients, their database deployment time gets reduced by an average of 50%. We're all about saving your precious time.
Effective administration of databases
The Studio will help you configure MySQL, manage users, track processes in your databases, and perform table maintenance.
Faster data management and analysis
The Studio's robust productivity features will help you get your routine data-related tasks done much faster and with less effort.
Faster database design and SQL development
You can speed up your SQL coding with context-aware completion, versatile formatting, and syntax validation at your service.
Daily productivity in database management
dbForge Studio is your easiest and safest way to modify, compare, synchronize, migrate, and backup MySQL and MariaDB databases.
Automation of recurring database-related tasks
You can use the command line to automate database comparison and sync tasks, backups, import and export operations, and much more.
Database integrity with efficient administration
Finally, the Studio will help you manage users and permissions, keep track of server sessions, and perform table maintenance.
Faster design and development of databases
dbForge Studio will give your productivity a dramatic boost with its visual database design tools and SQL coding assistance features.
Versatility and security in data management
You can view, edit, migrate, backup, and analyze MySQL and MariaDB data in the most effortless way with dbForge Studio at hand.
Reliable and effective disaster recovery features
Speaking of backups, you no longer have to worry about potential data loss. The Studio will help you set up automated backups in no time.
Time saved on database deployment
Our clients say that the Studio helps them cut their database deployment time in half. You can achieve the same results with ease.
Faster construction and effective optimization of SQL queries
dbForge Studio for MySQL delivers a set of powerhouse tools to help you write and optimize SQL queries. These tools include IntelliSense-like code completion, instant syntax validation, and a smart Query Profiler.
Growth of DBA's productivity in routine database administration
Actually, 30% is the minimum reported by our clients in their success stories. In quite a few cases, DBAs claimed to get a whopping 150% boost once they adopted the Studio for their daily needs.
Flexible toolset that makes all operations with data much easier
dbForge Studio simplifies data management in every way, from the basic operations like viewing and editing to more complex things like aggregation, analysis, and migration of data to different environments.
Efficiency in data analysis and reporting
dbForge Studio for MySQL helps you aggregate, process, and scrutinize your data with ease, summing your findings up with compelling visual reports.
Complete solution to handle data management
The Studio has every tool you might need to view, edit, migrate, and analyze MySQL and MariaDB data in the most convenient way.
Faster SQL coding and visual query building
You can write queries in SQL or design them visually, on diagrams, with no coding whatsoever. Either way, you'll get to do it much faster.
Streamlined operations with databases
The Studio was designed to make database management easier than ever with extensive command-line automation of routine tasks.
Single integrated solution for all database-related tasks in MySQL and MariaDB
dbForge Studio for MySQL is a multifeatured IDE that was designed to help you solve nearly every database-related task at hand. The Studio's automation capabilities make it even more special.
Extensive CLI-powered automation of multiple database operations
You can use the command line to automate a wide range of recurring operations, such as database comparison and synchronization, data import and export, generation of test data, and much more.
Reliability, flexibility, and security in routine data management
The Studio will help you ensure 24/7 availability, security, and high performance of your MySQL and MariaDB databases. Everything you might need for data management is also here, always at hand.

Work with a wide variety of databases and cloud services

For your convenience, dbForge Studio is fully compatible with the most popular MySQL-centered database systems and a number of related cloud services.

Galera Cluster
Galera Cluster
Google Cloud
Google Cloud
Alibaba Cloud
Alibaba Cloud
Tencent Cloud
Tencent Cloud
Oracle Cloud
Oracle Cloud

Run dbForge Studio for MySQL on the operating system of your choice


dbForge Studio for MySQL is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11.


The Studio is available on macOS Monterey (12), Big Sur (11), Catalina (10.15), Mojave (10.14), and High Sierra (10.13).



When it comes to Linux distributions, you can run the Studio on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

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